3 Steps to a Stylish Wedding Program Fan

3 Steps to a Stylish Program Fan

Colors shown from left to right: Curious Nude, Colors Matt Snow, Stadream Rose Quartz, Colors Matt Powder Pink

1 Stick, 2 Cards, and a Bit of Adhesive . . .

1 stick, 2 cards, and some adhesive is all you need to make simple, stylish wedding program fan.

Below, we provide you with free downloadable Microsoft Word templates, step by step instructions, and of course all the fabulous paper you could ask for to make your own!

Just choose your materials, download and customize the templates, and follow the step by step instructions.

Whether you are having a warm weather wedding, are getting married inside of a crowded venue, or just like the idea of having programs on sticks (yes, they are pretty fun), these program fans are perfect for you. Let’s get started!

Program Fan Materials

Materials Needed

Download program fan print templates

1. Download + Customize Templates

Download Program Fan Templates

Customize the program fan templates (front and back) using Microsoft Word. Make it your own by changing colors, fonts, and sample wording to your own custom details.

Fonts We Used: Times and Still Shine (Script)

How to Edit the Decorative Dividing Lines

To edit the lines in the template, just double click on the line. This will bring up a menu that allows you to change line color, weight, and style.

Print Program Fan

2. Print Front + Back Cards

Once your document looks good to you, you’re ready to print nd you’re almost half way done!

  • Be sure the weight/finish/texture of your cards is compatible with your printer
  • Set the custom size in your print driver to 5.5 x 8.5*
  • Print away!

* How to Print Custom Sized Cards on Using Your Home Computer and Printer

Glue Program Fan

3. Finally, Glue, Glue, Glue!

Or tape, tape, tape, whatever you prefer. Your final step is to assemble your program fans using the adhesive of your choice.

We find that Zip Dry Paper Glue or double sided tape dots work best for strong, wrinkle free fans.

  • Cover about half the stick in glue/tape (less if you want a longer handle)
  • Adhere the stick to the unprinted side of one card
  • Trace the perimeter of that card with tape/glue (don’t forget the stick!)
  • Adhere the blank side of the other card to the glue

Yup, that’s all there there is to it! You are done!

DIY Easy Wedding Program Fan

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