10 Reasons to Let LCI Print Envelopes for You!

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Our Service Saves Time, Money & Hassle

Without the proper equipment, envelopes can be very tricky to print. Flaps may get caught, envelopes mangled, ink smudged, printers tossed – and in the midst of event planning, who wants to deal with all that extra time and hassle?

Avoid the hassle – let us print your envelopes for you! You’ll be glad you did!

wedding envelopes with custom printed back flaps

1. No Software Learning Curve, No Document Set-Up

To Print envelopes at home, you will need page layout or design software and the knowledge on how to set up a custom document.

To print envelopes you must first create a document template by measuring the envelopes & deciding where the return address and recipient addresses will fall. This is not difficult but can be time consuming if you are not familiar with the process or the software you are using.

If we print your envelopes, your only decisions are ink color, font & quantity, we take care of the rest. So long as the cards fit in the envelopes, you’re good to go!

2. No Futzing with Your Printer, Or Need To Buy A New Printer

Most printers are equipped with an envelope printing setting but not all printers are created equal. Whether it’s paper weight, thickness, or finish, there are some envelopes that your home printer may simply not be able to print.

You can remedy many printing issues by experimenting with printer settings or adjusting how you feed envelopes into your printer. Some issues may require more time or analysis that may require you to spend an afternoon chatting with tech support or doing some leisurely reading of your printer manual. In the end you may find that small tweaks, tips or adjustments just do not help and the only option is to purchase a new printer that can print your envelopes.

Don’t risk the extra aggravation – let us print for you!

3. Customizations Galore – Envelopes Printed The Way You Want

Are you worried that outside printing means plain, boring, cookie cutter printing? – don’t be. With our extensive collection of fonts, ink colors & layouts your envelopes will be printed how you want. – and if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss custom options with you.

wedding envelopes with custom printed back flaps

4. Printed After You Approve It

To make sure your envelopes get printed the way you want we’ll send a proof before we go to press. You can be confident that everything is spelled correctly & your envelopes will look just how you want them to look. No surprises here.

metallic orange response envelope printed in sharp vivid text

5. Breath Easy, Our Printing Experts Will Make Sure Your Envelopes Look Great!

Have questions, not sure which font size or ink color to choose? What about layout or proper envelope addressing etiquette? Don’t fret. Your envelopes will be printed by a team of experts. They’ve printed thousands and thousands of envelopes, and they know their stuff. Rest assured that everything will be properly placed, properly sized, and will just plain look great!

6. Crisp, Vivid Printing

With printing experts comes super snazzy, top of the line printing equipment. Whether lined or unlined, matte or metallic, small or large, your envelopes will be imprinted with crisp, vibrant text that looks sharp and stays sharp* from your doorstep to your guests’ doorsteps.

Postal automation equipment can cause damage to your envelopes. This includes tears, scratches, markings & any other unforeseen occurrence. LCI Paper is not liable for damage to envelopes after product delivery to our customer, this is the sole responsibility of the customer. We strongly recommend speaking to your post office in advance of mailing and asking for your invitations to be hand canceled.

7. Lightening Fast Turn Around

When it comes to envelopes, we don’t mess around! If you place a printing order before 3pm EST, Monday-Friday, you can expect a printing proof, or to hear from one of our printing experts, the very same day.

Once you approve the proof, we’ll get printing and ship them out to you a.s.a.p! No hassles, no delays, just super fast shipping

8. Speaking of Time, You’ll Save a Lot.

We’re probably being a bit repetitive here, but seriously, the time you’ll save. . . You’re planning a big event, let’s be honest – you have better things to do than set up envelope documents, mess around with your printer, feed envelopes, and agonize over ink smudge and font size.

With envelope printing off your hands, you’re free to do more important things, like pick out signature drinks.

wedding envelopes - LCI Paper envelope printing service

9. Our Service Is Incredibly Affordable!

We all want to save money, and when we print for you we do just that.

  • Lowest custom printing prices around – shop around a bit, you’ll see
  • You won’t have to buy extra envelopes for printing error
  • You won’t have to buy extra ink or toner for your printer
  • You won’t have to buy a new printer
  • You’ll save time, and time is money

10. Having Us Print Couldn’t Be Easier

Our envelope printing service is just plain convenient, not to mention worry free, hassle free, time and money saving. In no time, you’ll have quality, custom printed envelopes delivered right to your front door. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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