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Japanese Paper

Chiyogami & Tissues Imported From Japan


Japanese Decorative Paper Made With Respect for the Environment - 125 Japanese Papers Under One Roof

We've gathered a myriad of beautiful Japanese Papers from hand silk-screened Chiyogami to decorative yet durable Tissue, all in stock and available for same day shipping.

Japanese papermaking illustration

Don't Waste

"Motai nai" is a popular Japanese saying that means "don't waste," and even today, the traditions of using renewable plant fibers, respecting water sources, and making sure nothing goes to waste guide Japanese papermakers.

Japanese Modern Classics array

The Look of Handmade Paper Is Now Affordable

Machine made versions of historically handmade Japanese paper retain the beauty of the originals without the limits. You can print, fold, cut, and use glue on these Modern Classics!

Japanese Chiyogami paper swatches

Chiyogami - Exquisite Look & Feel

Perhaps our most alluring paper, Chiyogami is available in over 35 distinctive designs. Arduously silk-screened by hand, it is beautiful both to the eyes and to the touch, presenting a handmade feel.

Japanese Tissue array

Japanese Tissue Is Deceptively Strong

While looking more decorative and delicate than standard tissue paper, Japanese Tissue is amazingly durable and versatile.

Japanese Chiyogami paper custom envelope liner green

Beautiful, Palpable, Custom Envelope Liner Paper

Sturdy Japanese paper can be cut and folded at home and is ideal as custom envelope liner paper. If you have the notion, why not make your very own custom lined envelopes?