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Japanese Linen

Tsumugi Linen Card Stock

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Product Description

Category Description: Japanese Linen

This is not your average linen card stock folks! Japanese Linen card stock is heavily embossed on one side with a highly unique, linear-like texture that some say looks beachy, some say looks natural, some say it resembles wrinkly cloth. Whatever it looks like to you, it makes for some highly interesting designs!

  • Thick 90lb card stock
  • Contemporary color palette
  • Same color on both sides
  • 8 1/2 x 11 size
  • Ink jet and conventional print methods only
  • Authentic Japanese Import

Japanese Linen - Bright Color, Bold Texture, Something Different

Close up of Japanese Linen card stock texture

Funky Grooved Texture

Japanese linen has a jagged linear or grooved texture that some say resembles wrinkled cloth. It's funky, distinct, and different.

Sheets are heavily embossed on one side only resulting in prominent texture on the front and a fairly smooth reverse side (some remnants of embossing are visible).

Japanese linen in a rainbow of colors

Fun, Modern Colors

Choose from a super saturated palette of almost two dozen colors! Classic to contemporary, subdued to vibrant, Japanese linen offers something for everyone.

Wedding invitations layered with Japanese Linen textured card stock

Try it as an Invitation Backer

Due to its heavily embossed texture, Japanese Linen may be difficult to print,* making it perfect as a decorative invitation layer or backer.

(Top to bottom, backer layers are Linen Rose, Latte, and Black.)

*Japanese Linen can be printed with a mid-high grade ink jet printer or with conventional methods such as letterpress or stamping.
Invitation wrapped in Japanese linen textured gate fold

Or as a Wrap

Linen also makes a good invitation folder or wrap. Here, we surrounded an invitation in fantastic texture by wrapping it in a DIY Turquoise Linen gate fold.

Ivory linen gate fold invitation

Here it is again in Ivory, a customer favorite, decorated with a printed translucent vellum band.

Circles punched from Japanese Linen card stock

Perfect for Paper Craft!

With all this bold texture and color, Japanese Linen isn't just great for invitations, but for paper crafts of all sorts! Think greeting cards, scrapbook pages, packaging, gift wrap... the sky's the limit!


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