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Gold Cardstock Paper

Gold Cardstock Paper

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Antique Gold Paper - 28 x 40 Stardream Metallic 81lb Text
Antique Gold Stardream Card Stock Paper 28 x 40 - Paper - Metallic
$3.50per 1 Sheet
Minimum Order 25

Glimmering, Glitzy Golds Galore! 5 Golds You Must See To Believe

LCI Paper currently offers five gold metallic papers- one is from the Stardream collection, four are from the Curious Metallics collection, and all feature an eye catching golden sheen. But with all five golds being a slightly different shade, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your creative project based on an image alone. We understand this, and quite honestly, plain old images doesn't do these papers justice, so this is why we have made you this handy video.

For a more glitzy look check out our gold glitter paper called MirriSPARKLE. MirriSPARKLE is available in 6pt paper & 16pt thick card stock.


Stardream Antique Gold

Stardream Antique Gold

The darkest shade of gold we offer, Stardream Antique Gold is just that - an old, rustic sort of gold.

It's not quite brown, not quite yellow but has hints of both. With a slight iridescence, it takes on a yellow or brassy hue when grazed by the light and a golden brown hue out of the light.

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Curious Metallics Gold Leaf

Curious Metallics Gold Leaf

Though much lighter in color, Gold Leaf is similar to Antique Gold in that it is falls more on the brown or tan scale than the yellow scale (until the light hits it that is).

The mica infused coating on this sheet reacts to the light with every turn, giving it a soft brushed golden luster.

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Curious Metallics Super Gold

Curious Metallics Super Gold

Onto a yellow gold - a very yellow gold!

As the name implies, Super Gold is a highly saturated, downright sparkling metallic gold sheet. It's super bright, fun, and will certainly make a bold statement!

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Curious Metallics White Gold

Curious Metallics White Gold

Much more subdued, Curious White Gold looks like a nice metallic ivory sheet at first glance, but with each turn of the paper, a lustrous golden sheen appears.

It's the perfect choice for incorporating a splash of color into your design in a subtle manner.

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Curious Metallics Ice Gold

Curious Metallics Ice Gold

Finally, we have Ice Gold. Also subtle, it is a crisp white iridescent sheet that is bright white in some lights and tastefully golden in others.

Like White Gold, it offers an understated splash of golden elegance.

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There you have it, LCI's collection of fine gold metallic papers. Each of these sheets comes in variety of convenient pre-cut sizes and in heavy cover and lighter text weights. Matching gold envelopes are also available for your creative needs.

As always, we recommend ordering samples of these paper prior to purchase so that you can see them in person, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

gold metallic papers close up