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Gmund Urban


About Gmund Urban

Inspired by contemporary architecture, Gmund Urban is an impressive collection of papers developed specifically to create a striking tactile experience. With all the excitement and energy of the city - the flair, the style, the design - Gmund has brought us two new remarkable products. The words "urban" and "cement" being inseparable, Gmund has unveiled their Cement line: chic, yet rough; gravely to the touch, but still a warm attention getter and vivid accent. Gmund has also introduced us to Brasilia, a luxurious woodgrain which flatters every project. Far from your ordinary, Brasilia is as contemporary as it is spellbinding, with an intricate, understated pattern to complement any objective. To run your finger across any paper from Gmund Urban, is a fiercely original experience.

"Gmund Urban is the designer house for modern communication. It weds clear contours with rough, authentic surfaces," says Florian Kohler, CEO and Owner of Gmund Paper Mill.

Business cards, brochures, invitations: No matter what your printing needs, Gmund Urban adds that special "touch" to every project.


How is it made?

Wouldn't we like to know! Gmund has made their process top secret - literally. The Urban papers were developed in a special building next to their famous mill, in an area closed to the public. "What we can say is..." a Gmund specialist teased, "that for the Cement surface, a material has been used that is also a part of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, as well as the Eiffel Tower in Paris." The Eiffel Tower itself weighs in at about 10,000 tons and, contrary to popular belief, is made of puddling iron and not steel. Though Gmund will never tell, it's something to think about...

The Colors Process

The reason Gmund has maintained its status as the most masterful brand in the world lies in how they view their specialists. To become a Gmund papermaker, you must truly apprentice in the process. Every hue is carefully colored by their most masterful paper makers. To achieve the status of coloring paper for Gmund, you must have at least five years with the company.

Choosing the Colors

It's no surprise that actual stones and cement colors were the inspiration for the Gmund Cement palette.

Uses for Gmund Urban Cement

Gmund has already designed gorgeous invitations using Urban Cement. Thinking outside the box, why not a textural holiday card on snowy Cement Dust? And what a great cover (insert, page, anything!) for a design magazine...