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Gmund Cotton

Cotton Paper, 100%, Cotton Rag Paper, Pure Cotton Fibers

100% Cotton Card Stock Paper

100% Cotton Card Stock Paper

100% cotton, 100% luxurious, Gmund cotton is irresistibly soft and makes an exquisite background for letterpress designs. Choose from three weights, two colors, and a selection of matching envelopes for your upscale piece.


About LCI's Gmund 100% Cotton Paper

About Gmund Cotton

There is no question, the purest cotton pulp fibers & small batch manufacturing make the finest cotton papers...and that is Gmund Cotton. Made by artisans for artisans using one of the oldest paper manufacturing machines in the world. No cracking, deep beautiful impressions, a printers dream.


Where is the cotton source from?

Gmund is a worldwide provider to many famous fashion houses throughout the world. The cotton used for Gmund Cotton is actual waste product from the fashion industry. Only the finest cotton fibers in this paper.

Is it possible to fold 900GSM Cotton Paper?

Most would tell you its impossible to get a clean, non-cracking score using such a thick board. However, according to the Gmund Paper experts, you sure can if you score it right?

Is there bleed through or rough edges?

Because of the expert craftsmanship, perfect formation and high quality linters printers can print fine details with no bleed through or rough edges. Try that with a competitive sheet!

Why are the purest cotton linters so important in making fine cotton paper?

Pure cotton linters from the first runs are longer than the cotton linters from 2nd or 3rd runs. What this means is that the linters are longer which helps define paper grain direction. Having the proper grain direction allows for clean scoring & folding without cracking.

Paper Colors & Weight

Timeless, understated, and richly crafted, LCI offers 3 colors: Wedding White, a stately and simple soft white, a quietly sophisticated new gray & Max White a pure bright white which adds instant distinction to any event. All colors feature a velvety cotton finish and are offered in three weights: 74lb, 111lb, and the weightier 222lb.