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Glitter Envelope Liners

Glitter Envelope Liners

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Product Description

Category Description: Glitter Envelope Liners

Gold and silver glitter envelope liners are elegant, sparkly and perfect for your next event. Pick your glitter liner paper in A2 or A7 and pair with any of our square flap envelopes from LCI Paper. Envelopes are sold separately. Understanding the liner sizes
  • A2 envelopes, select the 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 liner size
  • A7 envelopes, select the 6 x 6 3/4 liner size

Our liners are designed to align with the gum seal of the envelope and extend down to the bottom of the envelope, stopping approximately 1/8 inch - 1/4 inch from the bottom of the envelope.

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Custom Glitter Lined Envelopes in 5 Easy Steps

Who doesn't love a little shimmer inside their invitation envelopes? In this post, learn how to make your own glitter lined envelopes with our pre-cut liner papers. It's a great look for weddings, parties and holidays, especially when paired with matching glitter paper!
Make your own glitter lined envelopes through LCI Paper

Before You Begin....Print Your Envelopes First!

If you are printing your envelopes, it is recommended you do so before lining them. Once you add the liner paper, envelopes will likely be too thick to run through most home printers. If you are hand writing your envelopes, you can line them before or after.

What Size Envelope & Liner Paper Do I Need?

We offer glitter envelope liners in two sizes. Please note liners are for straight flap envelopes only.

Line your own envelopes with pre-cut glitter liner paper

Shown Here: A7 gold glitter envelope liners and metallic A7 Stardream Onyx envelope

1. Place Liner in Envelope

Open your envelope and place the glitter liner paper inside so that it sits as shown here - directly under the gum seal and slightly to the left and right of it. The liner is designed to partially cover the flap and extend to nearly the bottom of the envelope.

Make your own lined envelopes - Align liner paper in envelope directly under gum seal

2. Place Adhesive on Perimeter of Envelope Flap

Lightly fold the liner paper inward towards you as you trace the outside perimeter of the envelope flap with adhesive.We do not recommend placing adhesive all over the flap, or using a large amount of adhesive, as this can cause a wrinkly, unprofessional look.

What Glue Should I Use? - We prefer to use ZipDry, as it is designed to dry quickly and not wrinkle paper. Double sided tape can also be used for a flat, clean, professional look.

Use small amount of glue on envelope flap to line your own envelopes

3. Align Liner & Press to Adhere to Envelope

Attach the liner to the glue on the envelope flap and press firmly, making sure the liner is straight and even. If you are using glue, you will have a few seconds to adjust the liner before it dries.

How to line your own envelopes - Glue glitter liner into envelope and press firmly into place.

4. Close Flap and Press Firmly to Crease Liner

Close the flap with the liner attached and press the flap firmly, as shown here. This will create a crisp crease in your liner, creating a polished look.

Envelope lining tutorial - Close flap and press firmly to crease envelope liner

5. Open Flap & Adjust if Necessary

Open the flap to be sure your liner is still straight and even. Adjust if necessary. Move envelope off to the side to dry, then move on to the next!

Black metallic envelopes hand lined with gold glitter paper. Materials and step by step instructions from LCI Paper

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