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Printable Place Cards

Printable Place Cards

Print At Home - Free Templates - Elegant Wedding & Party Table Cards


About LCI Papers Computer Printable Place Cards

About Our Printable Place Card Templates

Our free place card templates are simply a Microsoft Word document making it easy to customize your cards with any font and color you have available on your computer (Place cards are printable using both an inkjet & laser printer).

Keep in mind when you are working with the template, you should see a small little box in the upper left corner. Right click on it then choose Table Properties > Table > Borders & Shading > Borders Setting > All. Now you'll be able to see the table borders. Just make sure to turn them off when you're ready to print. Being able to see the actual borders (the perforated lines) makes it easier to insert art or place the text in the proper location.

Printable On Both Sides Of The Cards

Provided you'd like to use our Word template, you can print the names and table numbers on both panels of the place cards. Word cannot rotate text 180 degrees, so we're going to work around this limitation. The process involves a couple extra steps, as each 4up sheet is going to run through your printer twice.

  • Step 1: After you have printed the first sheet of names and table numbers as shown in the "4Up Place Cards Templates & Printing" instructions, take the printed sheet and rotate it 180 degrees, then place it back into your printer's feeding tray.
  • Step 2: Go to your Word document and diagonally swap the four sets of names and table numbers.
  • Step 3: Print the page you have just edited.

Now, each place card on your 4Up sheet will show the same name and table number on both panels. Please let us know if you have any questions about this process.

Printable Place Cards & Microsoft Mail Merge

Using a spreadsheet of names, Microsoft Mail Merge & our 4up printable table place cards you can print multiple names at a time instead of typing each guests name one-at-a-time. It's a real time saver and when you follow our simple tutorial you will be ready to do it yourself.

Instructional Guides: Print Place Cards with Microsoft Word Mail Merge