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Blue Translucent


About Cardstock From LCI Paper

Some refer to it as card stock, some refer to it as cover stock, some just call it thick paper. All of these terms are essentially synonymous; but what do they mean, and what is card stock, really? Though card stock is ultimately recognized and defined by its weight and/or thickness, a generic definition of a thick paper just doesn't do it justice.

Browse through the ultimate cover & card stock collection, a multitude of textures, weights and colors not available elsewhere. What's even better is at LCI Paper it's all in stock, ready to ship.

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Printed Aqua Blue Translucent Vellum
Aqua Blue Printed Translucent Vellum 8 1/2 x 11 - Vellum - Sheer Vellum
$38.24per 100 Pack