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Computer Printable Invitations

Computer Printable Invitations

Inkjet & Laser Printable - Graduations, Parties, Any Occasion


2up & 4up Invites Are Really Easy to Print? Micro-Perforated, Invitations, Notes, Post Cards

If you're looking for the easiest way to print invitations for Weddings, Parties or Birthdays using your home computer and printer, our Printable Invitation Cards are the way to go! Here's Why:

  • Print On Standard 8 1/2 x 11 Size Paper, Not Smaller Cards
  • Invitations Formatted 2 or 4 Invitations Per Sheet
  • 65lb Smooth Card Stock, Super Easy For Laser Or Inkjet
  • Free Print Templates
  • After Printing Simply Separate & Mail


Printable Invitation Cards In 6 Easy Steps

Computer printable 2 up & 4 up invitations

Step 1: Download Free Word Printing Template

Locate the "Multi-up Cards" from our downloadable templates page


Step 2: Customize the Template By Entering Your Event Details

Word invitation printing template customize text
  • Change template's sample wording and make it your own
  • Be as creative as you can with your choice of font(s), font size, and even font color
  • Optionally, add graphics, a monogram, or anything else that will add to your event theme
  • Save the document and give it a file name you'll remember

Loading invitation paper printer short edge first

Step 3: Load Invitations Into Printer

  • Load invitation paper short edge first as you would with ordinary copy paper

Step 4: In Print Driver Set Printing Orientation to Landscape

Since the Word printing template for this type of invitation is oriented in Landscape mode, not Portrait, you must choose Landscape in your printer's driver.

PC Instructions
  • Click File > Print
  • If your printer is not already selected, select it from the list
  • Click Properties
  • Look for Orientation & select Landscape
  • Click Ok to save settings
Mac Instructions
  • Click File > Print
  • If your printer is not already selected, select it from the list
  • Click Page Setup
  • In Orientation area, click Landscape icon
  • Click Ok to save settings

Step 5: Print Invitations

Printed 2Up Invitations A9
  • You've done all the setup. Now print your invitations!

Lightbulb tip iconFor testing purposes, we suggesting printing a single sheet first.


Fold separate computer printable invitations

Step 6: Fold & Separate the Invitations

  • Fold along the micro-perforated edges, then fold backwards to loosen the cards from each other
  • Gently tear to separate the 2 or 4 invitations from each other

Share Your Printing Experience with Us!

We hope this tutorial gives you the confidence and the knowledge that you can print your own elegant invitations at home. We'd love to hear about your successful printing on our 2 Up Invitations. Post a comment and tell us about your experience.