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White Ink Printing

White Ink Printing

Order white ink printing on black envelopes from LCIPaper.com

White Ink Printing is Available on Dark Colored Envelopes, Papers & Card Stocks

White ink printing on dark papers is super popular right now. We offer it on all of our dark papers, and even our vellum. Learn about it below, and see what our professional printing can do for your design.

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How We Print White Ink

Much of the white printing you've probably seen is done using an extraordinary but time and wallet consuming print method - silk screening, foil stamping, etc. Our white printing is done with a fast and efficient printer using a white toner.

What does this mean for you? Your final printed product is sharp, professional, and economical (and much faster)!

How to Send Your Artwork For Custom White Ink Printing

In order to print your custom artwork in white ink, we require that your file comes to us 100% black. Customers often ask us if they have to send their custom art work in white. Please don't - we won't be able to use it!

After you place your order printing order, you will get a dropbox link at checkout and in your order confirmation to upload your artwork.

  • Upload your print-ready PDF to the link provided to you and we'll send you a proof before we print.

Send over black print-ready PDF for white printing

Can We Print Metallic Gold or Silver Ink Instead of White?

Though we can print in white, we do not offer metallic gold, silver, or any other colors that will show on dark envelopes. This is because we use a CMYK + White printer - white being the only opaque ink. That lovely metallic silver and gold printing you've seen... that's foil stamping. We love it too, but sadly, can't do it on cards or envelopes.

More Questions?

Questions about white ink printed cards or envelopes? Check out our white ink FAQs.

white printing on black envelopes