About Bio Cycle Swatch Book
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About Bio Cycle Swatch Book

About Bio Cycle Swatch Book


Gmund Bio Cycle is made from (up to 50%) resource saving plant fibers making it compostable, which in turn provides nutrients to grow new plants, creating a perfect ecological cycle. This collection makes a statement bringing meaning and purpose to each project. It's eco-friendliness is prominent in the composition of the paper, from Chlorophyll's bold vivid green color to Cycle's soft subtle felt texture, each paper is totally unique in the most honest way.

Touch, feel, smell, and experience this sustainable high quality paper!

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Bio-Cycle Swatch Book Insert Pages

Printing Techniques

The Bio Cycle collection is a great for:
  • Offset printing
  • Letterpress
  • Silk-screen
  • Blind embossing
  • Hot Foil stamping
  • Packaging
and so much more Gmund BioCycle Swatchbook Spread

Swatchbook includes:

  • Product specifications
  • Color chips
  • Samples showing a multitude of specialty printing techniques!
Gmund BioCycle Wheat Silkscreen


Wheat is made up of 50% wheat straw creating a paper with genuine inclusions and tactile feeling to the touch!

Gmund BioCycle Chlorophyll Foil


Chlorophyll is a vivid green paper created by adding real grass & natural chlorophyll. This paper has the look and a feel of a real handmade inclusion paper. It not only appeals to your sense of sight, but also to touch and smell, creating a fully rounded experience through the paper.

Gmund BioCycle Rag Emboss


Rag is created using recycled cotton sourced from the United States. These natural fibers make this paper texture soft and subtle, yet strong and durable. Due to its strength, rag paper is a desirable sheet for letterpress, foil and embossing.

Gmund Bio-Cycle Cycle Inserts


Made using 100% recycled cellulose with a clean creamy look. The wood fibers from the recycled materials create a clean, fresh & sustainable paper that is super versatile.

Bio-Cycle Cannabis Don't Smoke This Paper


Made using high quality cannabis (not to be smoked) this paper has a coarse texture with random inclusions from natural hemp.