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Euro Flap Envelope Liners

Flame Euro Flap Envelope Liner - A1 Stardream Metallic

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Product Description

Shimmery orange A1 euro flap envelope liners made with Stardream Flame metallic finish paper. This envelope liner paper is specifically made for LCI Paper's A1 euro flap envelopes. The liners are designed to fit under the gum seal and extend the full length of the envelope. Order these euro flap envelope liners blank or printed with your custom design. Envelopes and adhesives are sold separately. Pair with matching cards and papers to make your invitation or card ensemble complete.

  • 25 blank Flame envelope liner papers
  • Printing available
  • 81lb text weight paper
  • 4 1/2 x 6 inches to fit LCI's A1 euro flap envelopes
  • Envelopes and adhesive sold separately

CUT TO ORDER. Please allow 1-2 days additional processing time before shipping.

Category Description: Euro Flap Envelope Liners

About Euro Flap Envelope Liner Paper


Create your own unique lined euro flap envelopes with our DIY liner paper. Choose from 48 matte finish colors and 6 sizes, all offered blank or printed with your custom design. Mix and match with our Euro flap envelopes to create a design that's truly yours.

Order Blank or Printed

Order liners blank or printed with your custom design in black, full color, or white ink (for dark liners)!

Sized to Fit LCI's Euro Flap Envelopes

Liners are pre-cut to fit our euro flap envelopes and are designed to sit right below the envelope gum seal and extend to the bottom.

Envelope Liner Sizes Available

We offer euro flap envelope liners in the sizes listed below.

  • A1: 4.5 x 6 (fits in our A1 Euro flap envelopes)
  • A2: 4.75 x 7.5 (fits in our A2 Euro flap envelopes)
  • A6: 5.63 x 7.88 (fits in our A6 Euro flap envelopes)
  • A7: 6.5 x 9 (fits in our A7 Euro flap envelopes)
  • A7.5: 6.75 x 9.5 (fits in our A7.5 Euro flap envelopes)
  • A9: 7.5 x 10 (fits in our A9 Euro flap envelopes)

Laser Cut to Order

Our euro flap envelope liners are digitally die cut using laser technology. As they are cut to order, please allow 1-2 additional business days for additional processing time prior to shipping.

Please note that laser cutting may cause subtle discoloration on the edges of the liners. This is not apparent when looking at a single liner, but is noticeable when the liners are stacked and viewed from the side, particularly on lighter liners.

How to Adhere Euro Flap Liners

Liners do not contain adhesive. Glue or tape with the adhesive of your choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use only a very thin line of adhesive around the perimeter of the flap only. Any more adhesive than this may cause wrinkling or bleed-through of adhesive. We recommend testing one envelope and letting it dry completely before lining them all.

Product specs

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Print Template:Visit Templates Page

Do your DIY envelope liners come with adhesive?

Our liners are just pre-cut paper, they do not have adhesive. We recommend attaching the liners with double sided tape or glue.

Do your offer an assembly service so I do not have to glue my own liners?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide an assembly service at this time.

Can I order euro flap envelope liners printed with my design?

Yes, liners can be ordered blank or printed with the design of your choice. Check the "Order Printed" box in the blue band to see liner printing options and prices. Please note if your liner has bleeds, (images that go to the edge of the paper) production time will take an extra 3 days.

Will these liners fit in your straight or pointed flap envelopes?

No, but we offer straight flap liner paper as well.

What are envelope liners for, and are they worth it?

Wedding envelope liners not only decorate your invitation envelopes and enhance their overall design, but also add an extra layer of protection during mailing. Whether or not they are worth the additional cost and work is personal preference, however.

Does the liner go in the inner or outer envelope?

Either! If you are using just a single mailing envelope, you can certainly line it. If you are using traditional double inner/outer wedding envelopes, it is customary to line the inner envelope only.

What weight are your envelope liner papers?

Out liners are made with 68-91lb text weight paper. Weight varies with the color.


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