The Perfect Printing Pouch
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The Perfect Printing Pouch

The Perfect Printing Pouch

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Never let bad printing ruin your work again! The Perfect Printing Pouch is a revolutionary product that enables paper crafters to achieve flawless printing on a wide range of surfaces using a variety of inking applications. It is a pouch filled with a formula of acid-free, talc-free, non-toxic powders. Prior to printing, lightly tap the pouch over the area where you wish to print to release the powder onto the surface. The powder makes the ink adhere to the paper and speeds drying.

The Perfect Printing Pouch works well on vellum and many other surfaces such as handmade papers, shiny papers, textured cardstock, transparencies, twill tape, ribbon, muslin fabric, postage stamps, mulberry paper, and can be used with inkjet printers, markers, gel pens, and stamp pads. We recommend that after using the pouch, run a plain sheet of paper through your printer to remove any excess powder from the inside of your printer. The pouch is 3 x 3.5 inches and lays flat.

Disclaimer: LCI Paper Company is not responsible for damages caused by improper usage or printing on surfaces not recommended by your printer manufacturer.


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Living in Hawaii, I'm always nervous when buying anything online because of the shipping cost and delivery time. Of all the Mainland vendors I've worked with in the past, LCI is by far the best. Their delivery time, wide selection and prompt shipping is great. Their customer service reps are outstanding! Wish I had found you sooner!

~Katherine R. November 17, 2011