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Frozen Limba Wood Grain Translucent

Gmund Wood Frozen Limba Paper - 8 ½ x 11 Wood Grain, 21lb Translucent

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Product Description

By now you have had the chance to ogle our wood grain card stocks and papers and now its time to feast your eyes on the first wood embossed translucent sheet. This frosted semi translucent paper is nothing less than an actual piece of art. Available in 8 1/2 x 11 this is a decorative sheet that should be tested before printing.

Category Description: Frozen Limba Wood Grain Translucent

About Frozen Limba Vellum

Frozen Limba Vellum paper is an exceptional wood grain semi translucent sheet that stands out from the rest. Its striking wood texture, reminiscent of the bark of a tree, will surely impress in any form.

Special Considerations

It's in the manufacturing process that establishes the papers peculiar characteristics. The fibers are left intact in order to retain the clarity of the paper while at the same time allowing it to fold without cracking.

A Decorative Accent

Frozen Limba Vellum is an eye-catching and flexible option for an array of creative projects. Some of which include belly bands, invitation tissue or overlay, envelope liner, program insert sheets, or wrapping paper.


Frozen Limba Vellum is inkjet compatible, however we recommend ordering a sample and doing a test print before purchase.

Product specs

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Brand:Gmund Wood
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What does wood grain vellum paper feel like?

Unlike some translucent vellums that have a smooth, plastic-like feeling, wood vellum is very heavily textured and porous, making it softer to the touch than average vellum and most comparable to a parchment paper.

Is it easy to see through wood grain vellum paper?

Wood vellum has a frosty, cloudy appearance that is ever so slightly translucent. Though it picks up colors beneath it very well, its cloudy appearance makes it difficult to pick up any fine detail of what lies beneath it. If you are looking for a vellum that would make a good overlay for photos or text, you might consider a plain, non-textured translucent vellum.

Is the wood grain design on this paper printed?

The wood design on this paper comes from heavy embossing, not printing. This means that one side is very prominently textured/grooved, while the other has a slight remnant of the texture, as the embossing has come through to the other side.

Can I print on wood vellum?

We have had success printing wood vellum with ink jet printers. However, as all printers are different and vellum can be a tricky surface to print on, we recommend ordering a sample to test print prior to purchase.

We do not recommend printing this paper with a laser, as toner can not get into the grooves of this heavily textured paper, making for a spotty result.

Can I print both sides of wood grain vellum?

Due to its slight translucence, you can not print both sides of wood vellum.

Can I use adhesive with wood vellum or will it show through?

We have found that if used in very small amounts, you can use adhesive with wood vellum paper without it very blatantly showing through the paper.

Is wood grain vellum offered just in white?

At this time, we offer wood vellum in just the white Frozen Limba color.

The Wood Texture You Know & Love - In a Translucent!

translucent wood grain vellum and wood grain card stock

The Newest Member of the Wood Grain Family - Textured Wood Grain Vellum!

You've seen our wood grain papers, pockets, and envelopes, now feast your eyes on the newest member of the family, wood grain vellum!

With the same striking wood grain texture you know and love, but in a lightweight translucent, these sheets are truly one of a kind!





translucent wood grain vellum held in hand

Cloudy in Appearance, Light in Weight, and Heavy on Uses!

With a subtle translucence, cloudy appearance, and a feel much softer than that of standard vellum, wood vellum is most comparable to parchment paper. It picks up just a hint of what's beneath it, most notably in the grooves of the embossed wood texture - it's quite different, quite funky, and quite versatile!

These are some ideas we came up with for these chic sheets!




translucent wood grain vellum as a decorative layer

Leave it Plain - Use it as a Decorative Layer

Wood vellum makes a really interesting decorative layer, especially when placed on top of papers that are dark in color.

It gives invitations a subtle contrast in hue, a tasteful dash of texture, and a whole lot of style!




translucent wood grain vellum as invitation tissue

Or as an Invitation Tissue or Overlay

Because of its cloudy translucence, wood vellum works well as both an invitation tissue and as an intriguing invitation overlay.

Not only will it protect your invitation wording from smudging, but it will also give your invites a nice tactile effect, as guests will have to remove the soft, textured sheet before revealing the details of your event.




translucent wood grain vellum as an envelope liner

Or as a Super Cool Envelope Liner!

What looks great inside of a wood grain envelope? A wood grain vellum envelope liner of course!

White really pops against darker colored envelopes, making for nice contrast, prominent wood grain texture, and an envelope that looks just plain cool.





printed wood grain vellum

Print Right on It - Use it as an Invitation Top Layer

Pop a piece of vellum into your printer and use it as an invitation top layer, or program insert sheet, or. . . anything you can think of!

Since it will pick up the color of whatever you place beneath it, it can add some unexpected flare to your design.





printed wood grain vellum

Or Try it as a Belly Band

Printed translucent belly bands look great wrapped around pockets, and even greater when they have a fabulous wood grain texture!

Of course, we've wrapped it around a wood grain pocket here, but any pocket would do!

- - - - -

Whatever you do with wood grain vellum, be sure to be creative, and be sure to share, because we'd love to see what you come up with!


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