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Gate Fold Invitations

Gatefold Invitation Enclosure - 5 5/16 x 5 5/16, Metallic Onyx

Invitation Wraps, Wedding Paper Supplies

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Product Description

5 5/16 Square Gate Fold Stardream Onyx. Wrap your invitation in style with Stardream metallic card stock wrap. Midnight Black color with a metallic finish. Gate Folds are delivered open and pre-scored for easy folding. Invitation Insert card recommendation is 5 1/4 Square (not included).

Category Description: Gate Fold Invitations

A neat, organized, and intriguing invitation presentation, gate fold wraps are a single sheet of heavyweight card stock, pre-cut and pre-scored to create two panels that open up to reveal an invitation inside.

  • Two Sizes - 5 5/16 x 5 5/16 Square and 5 x 7 (A7)
  • Two Finishes - Smooth Matte and Metallic
  • Full Color Palette

To create your own trendy gatefold invitation, adhere a printable invitation card to the center panel - 4 7/8 x 6 7/8 cards for A7 gatefolds and 5 1/4 square cards for 5 5/16 square gatefolds, add additional insert cards like direction, reception, and response cards if you wish, and mail in a corresponding envelope.

Gatefolds look great on their own, or if you choose, you can decoratively hold them closed with ribbons, twine, or bands.

Product specs

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QUESTION: How do I adhere an invitation to a gate fold wrap?

ANSWER: The method of adhering an invitation to a gate fold varies with preference. Some people prefer ZipDry paper glue for the job while others prefer double sided tape. Whatever adhesive you choose, be sure to use the following tips for a polished, professional appearance:

  • Don't use too much adhesive - just a bit around the edges. Excessive adhesive can cause wrinkling and an uneven surface appearance.
  • Be sure to carefully adhere your cards so they are straight and have an even border.
  • Be sure to place your gate fold wrapped invitations in an envelope for protection during mailing

QUESTION:How do I print onto the Gate Folds?

ANSWER: Typically, gate folds are not printed on directly, but instead a separate invitation card is printed on and attached. In order to fit, the invitation cards must be slightly smaller than the finished gatefold size you are selecting. For instance, we would recommend the 4 7/8 x 6 7/8 card for the A7 gatefold & the 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 square card for the 5 5/16 square Gatefold wraps

Printing on a smooth finish invitation card would give the best results, therefore, in our opinion, we would suggest the LCI brand for the invitation inserts. However many people have had success using other stocks. If uncertain of exactly what you want, consider ordering samples first, to test for printing and color combinations

However, if you prefer not to have a separate invitation card and instead print directly onto the gatefold you can certainly do that. The set up to print is slightly more challenging, therefore we would recommend ordering a sample to run through your printer first. In the end it is personal preference, and we are here to help you get it done

QUESTION: Do the Gate Fold panels meet in the center?

ANSWER: Actually the panel on one side is slightly longer than the other. Depending on the gate fold size chosen the extended flap will create about 3 /16 - 1/4 of an inch overlap. This is helpful to make certain the invitation card inside does not peek through and it will make it easier to adhere seals or other embellishments.

QUESTION: Do Gate Fold Invitations have slits for ribbon?

ANSWER: The gate fold invitations do not have slits for ribbon. The gate folds are cut to size, and are pre-scored to fold easily around your invitation card. If you wanted you could add your own slits to thread the ribbon, it would however be easier to wrap the ribbon around the entire gatefold.

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