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12 x 18 Cardstock Paper

12 x 18 Cardstock Paper

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Product Description

Category Description: 12 x 18 Cardstock Paper

12 x 18 Cardstock Paper

Pre-cut to 12 x 18 inches and offered in a variety of our most popular neutrals, our 12x18 card stock collection was designed with digital printing in mind.

12 x 18 - A Standard Digital Paper Size

Why do printers prefer 12x18 card stock for digital printing? It's simple - you can fit many common size documents to the sheet then cut it down with little waste. Not too big, not too small, 12x18 paper size is also compatible with most digital printing presses and copiers.

Why the Neutral Color Palette?

To give printed pieces a nice, clean look, designers and printers most often choose light, neutral shades as a backdrop to designs. This is why we offer our 12x18 paper in a variety of whites, creams, grays, and light tan hues only.

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QUESTION: Is your 12x18 paper digital certified?

ANSWER: To avoid confusion, our 12x18 paper is simply cut to the common 12x18 digital paper size. It is not digital certified by the manufacturing mills. Though our 12 x 18 card stock collection will print beautifully on most digital (and conventional) presses, we recommend ordering samples to test prior to purchase to be certain.

QUESTION: Why is 12 x 18 a common digital paper size?

ANSWER: 12 x 18 is a popular digital paper size because multiple documents can be printed, then cut from it with little waste. 12x18 is also a size compatible with most digital printing presses and copiers.

QUESTION: Does your 12 x 18 digital card stock come in any darker colors?

ANSWER: At this time, we offer 12x18 card stock in a collection of light neutrals only - white, creams, grays, and tans. This is because light neutrals are most commonly chosen by printers and designers as a back drop to printed pieces. If you need a darker color, we do offer custom cutting. Please get in touch with us for details and ordering instructions.

QUESTION: Can your 12 x 18 paper be used as digital copy paper?

As all digital printing equipment is different and many of our 12 x 18 card stocks are quite heavy, we recommend ordering samples to test prior to purchase.

QUESTION: Is 12x18 paper the same as tabloid paper?

No, tabloid paper is technically 11 x 17 paper.


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