array of colorful blank z-fold tri-fold cards

3 Even Panels that Fold Up Like a "Z" and Unfold to Reveal Your Fabulous DIY Design

Some call them tri-folds; some call them accordion-folds; we call them z-folds. Whatever you call them, they consist of three blank, evenly sized, pre-scored panels that await your creative design.

Choose from Rectangles & Squares . . .

Z-Fold Cards are available in 2 shapes & sizes - rectangular 5 1/8 x 7 and 6 1/4 square, each with matching envelopes available.

. . . And a Rainbow of Colors.

From white to black and a rainbow in between, z-fold cards are offered in a wide spectrum of colors and in matte and metallic finishes to suit your creative needs.

6 1/4 square white z-fold wedding program

Print Directly on Them. . .

You may choose to keep your z-fold design clean, simple, and streamlined by printing directly on the cards. . .

Or Layer that Z Up - Adhere Printed Cards.

. . . Or, you may adhere printed cards instead. The only thing more modern & snazzy than a z-fold card is a layered z-fold card.

Z-folds are also great for adhering photos!

layered metallic gold z-fold wedding program

Great for Invitations & Programs & Brochures & . . . You'd Be Surprised What You Can Create with a Z!

With their chic, modern, three-panel design, z-fold cards are great for creating all sorts of contemporary designs - invitations, event programs, brochures, photo cards - the list goes on, and is limited only to your creativity!