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Do It Yourself Invitations - Get All Your Paper For Wedding Invitations At Huge Savings

Shop modern square place cards in variety of colors and finishes. Order blank or printed through

From wedding save the dates, invitations, and envelopes, to programs, place cards, and thank you notes, here you'll find all you need to make your wedding special and personalized from start to finish. Truly something for every wedding and every budget, we offer a broad, colorful range of stationery, ceremony, and reception items covering styles classic and contemporary. Whether your wedding taste is elegant or whimsical, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you would prefer us to print for you, we have you covered. Take a look around, and discover all the great things you can find for your big day!


Printable Wedding Invitations

Printable Wedding Invitations

Browse our extensive collection of printable blank wedding invitations. Choose from dozens of colors, themes, and styles to complement your style, each complete with your choice of matching wedding envelopes. Invitations have free print templates available for your convenience.

Wedding Envelopes

Wedding Envelopes

Mail your wedding invitations in style with our premium, heavy weight wedding envelopes. Choose from an extensive collection of traditional double wedding envelopes, inner envelopes, and colorful response envelopes to pair with your invitations. Order envelopes fully addressed or blank.


FAQs - Wedding

Ask Us A Question

Does the Wording Come On Invite Already?

I am thinking to do my wedding invitations myself to save on money and ran across your website, I would like to know if I order a DIY kit, does the wording come on the invites already or will there be some type of program you send with the package in order to put them on myself?

- by Lauren A.

All of our items come blank so that you can print your own custom wording using your home computer and printer. Our items are photographed with sample wording so that you can get an idea of how the finished product would look if you were to print at home. A software program or template is not included with your package, but many of our items have Free Microsoft Word templates that you can download from their product pages.

- by LCI Paper

Do you offer guidance to help novices print their DIY Invitations?

Sure we do! Besides selling the invitation paper LCI Paper offers our customers free print templates, tutorials and step by step videos on how to print blank wedding invitations. We realize this may be the first time many of you have undertaken the task to print your own invitations, and we are here to help. We produced an informative first step video Printing Invitations With Your Computer & Printer that we recommend watching.

What if there is no print template listed for the item?

Most of our wedding invitation papers have a corresponding Microsoft Word print template that LCI has created for free download. However, if you come across one that does not, please contact us and we will be happy to create it for you. Another option is to find a similar item with equivalent dimensions, and use that one. More often than not, as long as the dimensions are the same, the templates should be exact.

Pros and Cons of DIY (Do it Yourself) Wedding Invitations

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Are DIY Invitations for You? Find Out Here!...If you're in wedding planning mode, the thought of making your own invitations has probably crossed your mind. After all, DIY wedding invitations are quite popular these days. It seems we've all heard the perks, we've all heard the success stories, and we all have at least one crafty friend or family member who makes us think, "She did it; so can I!"

With all these encouraging stories floating around, DIY invitations are certainly enticing; and when done successfully, they are all they're cracked up to be. DIY success means you'll probably save considerable money, your invitations will reflect your personal style, and you'll be able to grin and say, "Why thank you; I did make these myself!"


But when it comes to deciding whether to make your own invitations, there is a lot more to think about than the perks. As great as they are, DIY invitations are not for everyone.

To determine if they're right for you, read on, and consider the whole picture. It may save you a lot of frustration down the road!

DIY Invitations 101. Starting with the Big Perk, Savings!

The most commonly cited reason for couples making their own wedding invitations is savings, and understandably so. Wedding budgets can get tight, and who wouldn't want to save hundreds on invitations and splurge elsewhere - like on the honeymoon, perhaps?

Quote - DIY invitations don't always save

But if your decision to DIY is based solely on saving money, it is important to recognize that DIY does not always save.

DIY invitations and dollar signs

Why Does DIY Usually Save?

Homemade invitations are typically more affordable than the ready made variety because when you design, print, and assemble invitations on your own, you are eliminating the fees charged by professionals, leaving you to purchase just the materials needed for your design.

When Does DIY Not Save?

If you are making your own invitations, you are going to need the appropriate tools for the job - all the tools, not just the paper and envelopes. If your design requires you to purchase these tools - for example a higher quality printer, or special cutting, scoring, and embossing tools - costs can add up, and you may find your savings won't be considerable after all.

Are Savings Significant? Fully Evaluate Cost & Savings of DIY Design.

Quote - Is saving money on DIY worth the time?

To determine if, and how much, DIY will save you, you must fully evaluate the total cost of your invitation designs. To do this, estimate the price of your DIY invitation design (be sure to include all of the tools you'll need!), and compare it to the cost of a similar ready-made invitation style.

Is the money you are saving significant, and worth the time and effort you will be putting into making your own invitations?

Ask Yourself, Can My Schedule Handle This? Time is Money Too, So They Say.

Graphic hour glass

Time is money too, so the saying goes. Keep in mind that DIY invitations are a large time commitment; so before committing, ask yourself;

"Do I have the time to balance work, wedding planning, friends, family, and DIY invitations?"

If you're already a busy person, adding another project to your agenda may not be ideal. After all, you don't want to complete your invitations in haste, or under a great deal of stress. DIY is supposed to be fun!

Into the Nitty Gritty. What Exactly Does DIY Entail?

So what is it about making your own invitations that takes so much time and effort, you ask?

Here's the answer, into the nitty gritty of DIY design - From gathering initial design ideas to the final trip to the post office 6-8 weeks before the big day, you'll need time to go through the following list:

DIY invitation to do list

  • Gather Design Ideas: Even if you have a design in mind, it is still a good idea to browse through various forums, blogs, and DIY invitation tutorials for inspiration, helpful tips, and creative ideas to spruce up your design.
  • Experiment: After browsing for ideas, order samples and experiment with various specialty papers, envelopes, and embellishments to find just the right look.
  • Test Print: Not all stocks of paper are compatible with all printers. It is recommended you order samples of paper you like so that you can determine if your printer is capable of printing crisply on it.
  • Print: Although the actual printing process should not take much time, it is important to leave room for error. Mistakes may happen - printers run out of ink, words smudge, paper misfeeds - so it is best to be prepared by keeping extra supplies, and extra time, on hand.
  • Assemble: Invitation assembly is perhaps the longest part of the process. Depending on your design, you may need time to layer, wrap, embellish, etc. You will also need to arrange and stuff each individual ensemble into an envelope. Without help, you are unlikely to do this all in one sitting, so be sure to leave adequate time for this step.
  • Prepare for Mailing: After your invitations are complete, take one complete ensemble to the post office to determine what the proper postage will be. You certainly do not want to risk your invitations coming back to you due to inadequate postage! After purchasing stamps, then it's time to adhere each one - being very careful to stick them on straight!

Quote - Advantage to DIY invitations is complete creative control

Ask Yourself, Am I Able to Create the Look I Imagine?

A major advantage of designing your own invitations is having complete creative control over your final product. Unlike ready-made invitations which limit you to a pre-select variety, DIY invitations limit you only to your imagination and the materials you find within your budget - Well that, and your time and creative ability.

Everyone has varying levels of time, ability, and money to put towards their invitations, and it is important to be realistic about your resources from the beginning.

Chances are, if you are putting a solid effort into your invitations, they'll turn out great. However, if you're striving to create a design that is out of your price or talent range, the invitation you imagine and the invitation that results may highly differ. This is the "champagne taste on a beer budget" phenomenon, and it typically leads to frustration.

Have you Answered "Yes" to the Questions Above? Then DIY is for You!

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, then do it yourself invitations are a good choice for you. So long as you have the time and motivation to create your own unique, affordable wedding invitations, they will be great, and you will have a great time making them!