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Wedding Envelopes

Wedding Envelopes

Invitation Etiquette - DIY or Printed & Addressed By LCI Paper

Metallic lined envelopes from LCI Paper - lined in Stardream paper and Curious Metallics paper

Looking for top notch wedding envelopes? Not satisfied with the quality of the envelopes that came with invites you ordered elsewhere? Seeking an uncommon wedding envelope size? Look no further! At LCI, we offer hundreds of premium quality, heavy weight wedding envelopes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and formats. Our wedding envelope is traditional in nature, featuring pointed baronial flaps, offered in a classic color palette of soft and bright whites, and in timeless matte and linen finishes. Choose from a full spectrum of liner colors, (or unlined if you prefer), and order blank or fully addressed depending on your budget and time line. Finding the perfect wedding envelopes has never been easier!


Double Wedding Envelopes

Double Wedding Envelopes

A wedding tradition, double wedding envelope sets consist of two envelopes - an inner to hold your invitation ensemble, and an outer to protect the inner during mailing. Choose from a large collection of sizes, formats, and liner colors.

Inner Wedding Envelopes

Inner Wedding Envelopes

Just the inner envelopes from our double wedding envelope sets, inner wedding envelopes are ungummed and offered in a wide variety of sizes and liner colors. Use them on their on with an alternative sealing method, or pair with an outer envelope.

Wedding RSVP Envelopes

Wedding RSVP Envelopes

3 5/8 x 5 1/8 A1 wedding response envelopes are available in dozens of colors, finishes, and formats to complement your wedding invitation ensemble. Envelopes accommodate 3 1/2 x 4 7/8 A1 cards. Order blank, or let us print them for you!


FAQs - Wedding Envelopes

Ask us a question

What is the best pen for handwriting Double Wedding Envelopes?

We recently received a question about handwriting guests addresses on our Double Wedding Envelope Sets. Here is the question from Lori.

I purchased your Imperial Ecru Chocolate Lined Double Wedding Envelope Set for my wedding invitations. Can you please tell me which type of pen will work best on them?

- by Lori G.

Most envelopes are best suited for ball-point pens, as they are much less likely to bleed through the paper than felt tip pens. Consider trying our Gelly Roll pens, they are available in a wide variety of colors, write consistently and do not smear when dry!

Are invitation tissues included with my wedding envelopes order?

Invitation Tissues are not included with wedding envelopes. But fortunately, we do stock a selection of invitation tissues that can be purchased separately.

Is it tacky to use address labels on my wedding envelopes?

There are different perspectives on this issue. Some people would not address their envelopes using labels because they feel that the look is not befitting of a wedding invitation. If your envelopes are a dark paper color where regular printing would not be legible, and you did not want to use labels, we would suggest handwriting addresses using a white or light color pen. Alternatively, labels can be an easy and convenient option for printing addresses on dark colored or heavy textured envelopes, where inkjet or laser printing cannot produce a legible imprint. There is no right or wrong answer, just personal opinion. Choose what looks best, but also consider practicality, budget, and aesthetics.

If I purchase my wedding invitations elsewhere, will your envelopes match?

Color & Finish

In terms of paper color and finish, without comparing both items in person, it's hard to say whether your wedding invitations will be a perfect match to our Wedding Envelopes, but we can describe our Wedding Envelopes quite precisely:

  • Our Radiant White Wedding Envelopes are made with our own house brand of brilliant white, uncoated, smooth, matte finish, 70lb text weight paper that carries a 98.0 brightness rating.
  • Our Ecru Wedding Envelopes are also made with our own house brand of creamy, warm, muted, mellow white, uncoated, smooth, matte finish, 70lb text weight paper that carries a 74.0 brightness rating.

Will either our Radiant White or Ecru Wedding Envelopes perfectly match your invitations? To make absolutely sure, we offer the ability to order individual samples of all our Wedding Envelopes. That way you compare your invitations and our envelopes with your own eyes.

You can also contact us with more details about your invitation and we can tell you more about our Wedding Envelopes. We'll give you our best advice with the information at hand, but we strongly recommended that you order a sample and see our envelopes next to your invitations in person. If any event is worthy of the extra reassurance of having samples in hand, surely it's a wedding.


In terms of matching your invitation card to the properly sized envelope(s), the general rule is that the envelope containing the invitation should be 1/8" to 1/4" larger than the invitation card. Watch our video to learn more about finding the right envelope size. You can also contact us with the measurements of your card. We will be happy to direct you to the best envelope fit, whether you're interested in Double Wedding Envelopes or perhaps Single Lined Envelopes.

Is it proper to address wedding envelopes using color inks?

Invitations should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, and color can be an important component of an invitation ensemble. Since color is very subjective, each of us has different color schemes that we're fond of. A simple "yes" or" no" answer to this question is probably the wrong answer. Instead, here is our best advice: One thought is to remain consistent, so the ink color you choose for your invitations and your response cards would be the same color that you'd print on your envelopes. Black ink seems to be the most popular color for white wedding envelopes, but another popular color is brown ink, especially when printing on Ecru (cream) colored envelopes. If your wedding colors adapt well to your invitations and you can incorporate one of those colors in your printing, by all means, go for it.

Are all LCI envelopes wedding envelopes?

Although all of LCI Paper's envelopes are not traditional wedding envelopes, they are all wedding quality envelopes, meaning they are made of premium papers, designed with the beauty of wedding invitations in mind. LCI has an extensive collection of envelopes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and finishes. From traditional white or ivory double wedding envelopes to a modern array of colorful invitation envelopes and everything in between, LCI has an envelope to match your personal invitation style.

Are all LCI wedding envelopes double envelopes?

Not all of LCI Paper's wedding envelopes are double envelopes. To suit a variety of customer needs, LCI Paper offers all types of quality envelopes in different paper textures, finishes and sizes, each suitable for wedding invitations. If you are mailing traditional style wedding invitations you should probably consider sending them inside double envelopes, however if your invitation style is contemporary then you may find a better match with other types of specialty envelopes.

Can I purchase LCI wedding envelopes in a local store?

LCI Paper Company is an online company based in Marlborough, Massachusetts. We do not have a physical store front in which we sell our wedding envelopes, as we are simply a large warehouse and distribution center. Although there may be stores that carry our papers our distribution model is warehouse direct to consumer and businesses. We understand that when shopping online, it is sometimes hard to get a true feel for the appearance of an item, especially when ordering paper products. This is why we offer the option to order paper samples prior to purchase. If you are interested in any of our wedding envelopes, ordering samples will allow you to see an envelope in person, and determine if its lining color, paper, and size is a good fit for your wedding invitation.

Must the inner envelope be lined?

When using two envelopes, there is no etiquette rule that dictates that you have to line your inner envelope. However liners do add elegance as well as help to color coordinate your invitation package therefore many people choose to have their inner envelope lined.

Which is lined, inner envelope or outer envelope?

As with most traditional wedding invitations if you are including two envelopes, then etiquette suggests using an envelope liner on the inner envelope, not the outer. The inner envelope is considered to be the real envelope. The outer envelope serves to protect the invitation ensemble from the rigors of mail delivery and postal markings.

Are inner envelopes sealed for wedding invitations?

Centuries ago Wedding invitations were traditionally hand delivered, with an outer envelope and inner envelope. It was then anothers job to remove the outer envelope and hand deliver the inner envelope to the appropriate family members. Although most invitations are no longer delivered in this manner, the tradition of leaving the inner envelope unsealed so that it is easily accessible remains. Therefore when you order the double wedding envelope set, the inner envelope from the set is un-gummed. Take a moment to watch this video to learn what exactly are double wedding envelopes

How many wedding envelopes should I order?

First, the total number of guests does not equate to the number of wedding envelopes needed. The number of envelopes needed for your event is typically half of the guest list plus a percentage for those who are invited as single guests (not couples). To allow for mistakes in addressing or those last minute additions to your guest list you should plan on ordering at least 25 extra envelopes. Also keep in mind we strongly suggest having the post office hand cancel the invitation envelopes, it can help protect them from the rigors of the automated sorting equipment

All the Elegance of Hand Calligraphy for a Fraction of the Price

Hand calligraphy addressed wedding envelopes are elegant, classy, traditional, and look great - but let's face it, if you're on a budget, the cost of a professional calligrapher may not be so great.

So what do you do if you have your heart set on calligraphy but can't bear the thought of the price (or the look of your own handwriting)? Read the tutorial below to learn how to create professional looking calligraphy on your own!

3 quick steps to DIY hand calligraphy

Here's What You'll Need

Wedding Envelopes DIY calligraphy can be written on any of our wedding envelopes, and in any color, so the choice is yours! Choose envelopes light or dark, matte or metallic, large or small - whatever suits your fancy!

Gelly Roll Pens We prefer Gelly Roll gel pens for hand writing because they have a smooth, roller ball tip that makes writing comfortable and easy, and also because they are offered in dozens of colors and styles, but you can also use a calligraphy marker if you prefer.

DIY envelope set up with Word

1. Choose a Fantastic (and Free!) Calligraphy Font

Start by choosing a calligraphy font that you would like to address your envelopes with. If you don't have one you like installed on your operating system, browse a site like or, find one you like, and download it for free!

What Fonts are Those?

The fonts shown here are Exmouth (text) and Splendid Ornaments (decorative swirls)

lightly printed purple envelope

2. Print Addresses on Envelopes (or Let Us do it for You!)

Next, print your guests' addresses on your envelopes. As shown here, print in a color just dark enough to be visible for tracing, as you do not want the digital printing to show through later on.

If you are not familiar with how to print envelopes at home, please consult the following:

Print Envelopes at Home - Here's Some Instructions

Or, Order Them Printed!

If you do not want to deal with printing envelopes at home, let us print them for you! Simply order online, send us your guest list, and request that we print in a light color so that you can later trace your addresses. Learn more about this service below:

Order Printed Envelopes from LCI

practice with gel pen before beginning

3. Get a Feel for Your Pen - Do a Few Trial Runs

To get a feel for your pen and to minimize error, it is recommended that you practice writing a bit on scrap paper or extra envelopes before you start tracing on your good envelopes. Also consider the following tips:

Some Gel Pen Tracing Tips

  • Leave adequate drying time! - Gel pens take longer to dry than the average pen, and you don't want smudges and smears
  • Careful lefties! - Since gel pens don't instantly dry, left handed writers risk dragging their hands across the wet ink
  • Keep scrap paper handy - Occasionally, the tip of the pen may get bogged down with dried ink, which interrupts the flow. A few scribbles on scrap will fix that right up!
  • Keep extra pens handy - The free flowing ink of gel pens can be gone before you know it, so keep extras on hand*

*1 pen = 100 envelopes, on average. Actual quantity may vary with font size/detail.

envelope printed, then traced with gold gel pen to look like hand calligraphy

Trace, Trace, Trace Until You're Done!

Once you have a handle on tracing with your gel pen, trace the text of all of your envelopes until complete!

With a little bit of practice, patience, and time, you have created chic, elegant, calligraphy addressed envelopes for a fraction of the professional price!

- - -

If you have any questions about DIY calligraphy, be sure to get in touch with us!



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purple metallic envelopes addressed with gold ink

envelopes hand addressed with gelly pens

black and kraft envelopes addressed with calligraphy

What are the traditional guidelines for addressing wedding envelopes?

The chart below lists the general, traditional guidelines for formally addressing envelopes for each of your wedding guests.

download address chart Download full envelope addressing guideline chart

Clip of traditional wedding envelope guideline chart

Note: The guidelines listed in this chart target the most common circumstances, and are merely suggestions of etiquette, not rules set in stone. When addressing envelopes, it is important to address guests as you see fit, and in a manner you are comfortable with.