Vellum Paper - Translucent Paper, Translucent Vellum, European Parchment Paper
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Translucent Vellum Paper

Translucent Vellum Paper

See Through, Transparent Paper & European Parchment

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Product Description

Translucent Vellum Paper

Translucent Vellum Paper is a paper of endless possibilities. With a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to choose from, it will surely add that touch of intrigue that your project is missing.

A Family of Colors

With vibrant colors plus classic white, it is easier than ever to match a charming sheet of translucent vellum to cards, envelopes, and other members of the Gmund Color System family.

Versatile Vellum

If there's one thing to know about vellum, it would be that it's adaptable. It can be used as an invitation wrap or overlay, a translucent invitation band, brochures, program inserts, scrapbooks, and anything else your heart desires.


Translucent Vellum Paper is inkjet and laser printer compatible, but we recommend ordering a sample and doing a test print before purchase.


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