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Translucent Vellum Paper

Translucent Vellum Paper

Translucent Paper & European Parchment

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Add a sense of intrigue and softness to your design with translucent vellum. Choose from several sizes, colors, brands, and even multiple textures and pattern - all light weight, all translucent, all very nice and very in vogue.

Vellum has oh so many uses! Use as an invitation wrap or overlay, a printed invitation layer, a translucent invitation band, program insert, scrapbooks, and more!

As vellum can be a tricky surface to print on, we highly recommend you check the printer recommendations below the product image, consult your printer manual, and order a sample to test print prior to purchase.


Feedback From Customers Who Recently Purchased Items From This Category:

StarStarStarStarStar 5/5- Excellent, I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

LCi Paper was very efficient and cooperative in my very large order for custom cut vellum. They were diligent in calling back when there were questions or updates on my order and personally handled any issues or establishing a program for my bulk order. I would definitely recommend LCI Paper for personal use or for a company.

~Christine R. Mar 31, 2014
StarStarStarStarStar 4/5- Above average

This is a beautiful vellum. I am really excited about how it looks with my wedding invitation suite! I am using it to line dark brown envelopes. Hoping to find another use. The only comment I have is that "frozen limba" is not quite the color I had thought it was. I had thought it was more of a light grey wood grain, but it is essentially white on white. It's still very beautiful!

~Danielle H. Oct 24, 2013
StarStarStarStarStar 5/5- Excellent, I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

Shipping was exceptionally fast and they offer a quality product.

~Kathrine A. Oct 15, 2013
StarStarStarStarStar 5/5- Excellent, I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

LCI is the best option I have found for buying bulk vellum paper for event invitations. And our guests love the bright colors!

~Randi D. Sep 23, 2013
StarStarStarStarStar 5/5- Excellent, I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

Used it for an invitation. I printed on it and had no problems! Would definately use again!

~Tara L. Sep 11, 2013
StarStarStarStarStar 5/5- Excellent, I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

Quick shipping - they had exactly what we needed for our wedding!

~Kelly R. Sep 04, 2013
Translucent Vellum Paper 4.82 out of 5 based on 139 ratings. 139 user reviews.

I want to print on translucent vellum. Should I use an inkjet or laser printer?

Translucent vellum is one of the most challenging specialty paper categories that we represent in terms of printability. What makes it challenging is that we can't say with a concrete or bold statement that these sheets will print to your 100% satisfaction in specific environments. But we have done a lot of internal testing on inkjet and laser printers with varying results. What we've found that on specific printers, we get much better results than on some others. Please watch the entire three minute video for our full results and recommendations.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Weight Vellum for Invitations

Vellum Weights Explained, Decision Made.

Translucent vellum paper - You know it. You've seen it. You want it in your invitations or programs, but you do not know which weight to choose. That's where we come in.

We offer vellum in a full spectrum of weights, and in this post, we describe them all and tell you what they are commonly used for so that you can decide which one is best for your creative design.

light weight 17lb clear vellum

Light Weight Vellum - 17lb

The Light Weight Collection We offer just one clear 17lb vellum sheet that would fall into the light weight vellum category:

What it Feels Like 17lb vellum is very thin, very delicate, and in day to day terms, is best compared to a high quality gift wrapping tissue in weight and flexibility.

Some Popular Uses Due to its thin, light, highly translucent nature, 17lb vellum is great for the following:

  • Unprinted invitation and program overlays
  • Delicate invitation wraps
  • Invitation inserts, as a substitute for traditional invitation tissue



colorful medium weight vellum

Medium Weight Vellum - 21-30lb

The Medium Weight Collection This collection is our largest, consisting of medium weight vellums with weights between 21lb - 30lb:

What it Feels Like Though they are all slightly different in weight and finish (in the wood grain and sukashi floral vellum cases), the thickness and malleability of medium weight, 20-30lb vellum is best compared to wax paper. It's light, flexible, and translucent, yet not so light and delicate that it is comparable to a tissue paper.

Some Popular Uses Similar, but with a bit more substance than our lightweight vellum, medium weight vellum can be used for all the great things lightweight vellum can, but with the added flare of printing!


clear heavy weight vellum

Heavy Weight Vellum - 48lb

The single vellum in our heavyweight vellum category is a clear 48lb, which equates to approximately a 65lb cover:

What it Feels Like 48lb vellum feels like a lightweight card stock. It is moderately heavy, rigid, and should be scored before folding to avoid cracking along the fold. Though it is not so thick that it can be used as a stand-alone invitation card, it does make for a sturdy backer, wrap, top layer, etc.

Some Popular Uses Though not very well suited for use as a sheer overlay, heavyweight 48lb vellum has a lot of other great uses!

  • Program cover
  • Printed invitation top layer
  • Heavyweight vellum gate fold/wrap
  • Printed invitation inserts/supplements (think little direction cards, registry cards, additional info, etc.)

No Matter What Weight You Choose, Be Sure It's One You Can Print!

Now that you have a rundown on all the different vellum weights and have an idea of which one is right for your project - stop and think - am I printing on this vellum? If the answer is yes, stop and think again, can my printer print on this vellum?

Vellum can be a very tricky surface to print on, so once you know the general vicinity of weight you need, test vellums within that range to make sure you can print on it. Some things to look out for:

Light 17lb vellum is usually a no go with lasers (and sometimes ink jets) - so be careful! Very light weight, delicate 17lb vellum can be crumpled by printers - particular laser printers! If this is the vellum weight you decided on and you want to attempt to print on it, proceed with caution, and be sure to test before purchase!

Some vellum weights/colors may not be seen by your printer! Yes, that sounds strange, but it's true - due to the sheer and light weight nature of vellum paper, some printers can not detect certain weights and colors. The result? You'll keep getting a "please load paper" style message. Sometimes, by altering settings in your print driver (paper type or paper tray), you can get around this, but it is certainly something you want to be aware of before crunch time.

Ink may smudge & toner may not fuse to some weights of vellum Whether it's that slippery surface or inability to be detected by your printer, sometimes, and with some weights, ink won't dry (ink jets) and toner won't fuse (lasers). Again, all we can suggest is test, test, test, and be sure that your printer can handle the weight of vellum you choose!

Some Creative Vellum Ideas

To get your creativity flowing, here are some of our favorite ways to use vellum in wedding stationery:

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FAQs - Translucent Vellum Paper

Ask us a question

What is the best vellum weight for HP Designjet 430 printer

I was looking at your vellum and we usually use 20 lb vellum and run it through a HP DesignJet 430. Would the 30 lb vellum be too thick to run through this plotter? Is the 30 lb vellum more like card stock material? Thanks in advance for your answer.

- by Tom

30 pound vellum is not as thick as cardstock, and is probably just a bit heavier than the 20 pound vellum you are used to. Since all printers are different and vellum can be a tricky surface to print on, we recommend test printing on a sample prior to purchase. This way you can be certain it is compatible with your printer.

- by LCI Paper

How translucent is Translucent Vellum Paper?

Though it is not crystal clear in appearance, you can certainly see through it. In essence, text and images will certainly be visible through vellum paper, though their appearance will be clouded. The level of transparency of the vellum will vary with color. Text and images beneath light colored vellum such as clear or pink will have a different appearance than it does under darkly colored vellum, such as purple.

Can I print on both sides of vellum paper?

Translucent vellum paper has the appearance of frosted glass. Though it is not crystal clear, it is certainly transparent. Any text or images printed on vellum paper would certainly show through the other side. For this reason, you can not print on both sides of vellum paper.

Can you print color on vellum?

Sure! So long as your specific printer produces sharp, clear results on the vellum you are trying to print, whether your printed design is full color or black and white, it will not make a difference.

Can I get custom size vellum paper?

We offer lots of convenient, pre-cut vellum paper sizes, large and small. However, if you need a size that is not offered, get in touch with us. We offer custom cutting on all of our papers and would be happy to help you out. Learn about LCI's Custom Paper Cutting Service

I am helping a friend with her wedding programs and she mentioned she wanted to use "see-through" paper. Is vellum paper the same thing as "see-through" paper?

Translucent vellum paper is indeed "see-through". It has the appearance of frosted glass and is very often used in wedding programs and invitations. For those who do not know its proper name, it is often referred to as "see-through paper", "see-thru paper", and "semi-transparent paper", so it is very likely that vellum paper is what your friend was referring to.

Does light show through vellum?

Light does show through vellum paper, creating a soft glow. This makes it ideal for use as decorative luminaries. To learn more about this, please view the following instructional video and tutorial: Make Translucent Vellum Luminaries with Ease

Why do I have trouble printing on vellum?

In a nutshell, the variations in printing success are due to the fact that not all vellum and not all printers, are created equally. Vellum is non porous and non absorbent, but not all vellum is identical in finish and weight. Similarly, although all laser printers and all inkjet printers are designed to work essentially the same way, they vary in speed, quality, and overall design. Where one brand of vellum may work with your laser printer, it may not work with another laser printer. Likewise, you may find that although one stock of vellum works with your inkjet, another does not.

What's Your Best Advice for Printing on Vellum?

  • Ink and toner takes a longer time to dry on the non absorbent surface of vellum, so be sure to allow your print adequate time to dry before touching it.
  • The less ink or toner you use on vellum, the faster it will dry, and the less likely to smudge throughout the printing process. Consider printing in draft or economy mode when printing on vellum. This setting is designed to conserve ink and toner, thus placing less on your vellum, and aiding in drying.
  • Consider using fonts with thinner lines. Fonts with heavier lines use more ink, take longer to dry, and are more likely to smudge.
  • Is Translucent Vellum Paper & Paper With a Vellum Finish the Same?

    The word vellum can be used to refer to paper type, or paper finish, often leading to confusion. Although the names sound similar, translucent vellum paper is very different from paper with a vellum finish.