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Specialty Paper

Specialty Paper

Shop hundreds of premium specialty papers in rainbow of colors, huge variety of textures, finishes, weights, sizes.
Cardstock Paper

Cardstock Paper

Thicker, heavier weight card stock is offered in dozens of colors, finishes, textures, weights, and sizes. Whatever your project, needs, or budget, use our quality card stock for projects that impress.


FAQs - Specialty Paper

Ask Us A Question

Do you have swatchbooks & samples of all of your papers?

You can order samples online of all the different papers we stock and sell online. Navigate to the product page and look for the order sample link. We also sell a variety of sample kits & swatch books you can view our paper samples here.

What is the difference between card stock and linen?

Cardstock refers to the weight or thickness of the paper. Card stock is a heavy, sturdy weight. Linen, refers to the finish or pattern of the paper. A linen finish would have a textured embossing with a cross-weave pattern. When sourcing card stock it is important to take these different elements - weight, finish & printability - into consideration.

Do you have metallic papers for inkjet printers? Is there a printer profile for your papers.

We have a good selection of metallic papers. None of our metallic papers come with a printing profile for specific printers. Generally, we recommend laser printing on metallic sheets like those in the Stardream or Curious Metallics brand. Anytime you're printing on metallic papers using inkjet, you must test a sheet to see if the ink will adhere to the surface and give you a desirable printing result. You'll also want to test the drying time. We have a video about printing metallics you may want to view. Generally, the mills do not recommend inkjet printing on their metallic papers, but we have been able to achieve good results from a Canon i9900 and have heard first hand reports from customers that have also achieved good results from their inkjet printers. We do sell individual samples for testing.

Is the paper color on the computer screen what you will see in person?

Although we try to depict the truest of color when it comes to our product images, it should be known that they are just that, images. Each person has a different color calibration and resolution on their own monitors, so what you see may not be exactly what the next person sees. We highly suggest that if the exactness of color is a concern, to order a sample ahead of time. This way, you can see first hand what the color looks like.

What is the best thickness of paper & type of paper for my printer?

All home consumer printers are different therefore it is not always easy to make guaranteed recommendations. That being said, LCI Paper does do extensive testing on each of the specialty papers we sell as well as offer printer reviews of some consumer grade home printers. The reviews are extensive, and do help our visitors better understand the printer models available and which attributes to look for when shopping for printers to print invitations.

In our opinion a smooth finish card stock would offer the least printer resistance and should work fine in most printers. The smoothest finish card stock we offer is the LCI Paper Brand available in multiple sizes, and in two colors, Radiant White & Ecru. With confidence, we feel the 80lb cover (216gsm) would work in most printers, but if you want more assurance you can opt for the 65lb cover (176gsm). On the product page you can filter by size and weight.

What is the difference between card stock and text paper?

Stated simply, text paper is much thinner, or lighter in weight, than card stock.

To make an every-day comparison, text paper is similar to standard letterhead paper, yet a bit heavier, and higher in quality. It is very easy to fold, roll, and otherwise manipulate.

Card stock can be compared to a thin cardboard, being much more difficult to fold and manipulate than text weight paper.

Both text weight and card stock papers come in varying weights.

Why does curling occur when my invitations come off the printer?

Invitation curling will sometimes happen on printers with paper paths that are not straight through. Many of the printer manufacturers have such models. If curling does occur, one suggestion is to take a stack of the curled invitations, and gently bend the stack back and forth. Generally speaking, this will take the curl out of the cards. If you do have access to a straight path printer, such as Canon, Epson, or Lexmark, I suggest that you use them as a first choice.

Do you offer wholesale prices to resellers?

Although we do not have a separate price list for resellers, we recently added a Loyalty Rewards program for professionals. It's free to sign up and start saving by getting a discount on every order.

Wide Selection of Specialty Paper Delivered Fast

We stock many different types of specialty paper including metallic finish paper, traditional linen paper, Japanese imported paper, and much more, in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes. Our paper is available to ship the same day, provided you place your order by 3pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.

150 paper colors

150 http://www.lcipaper.com/kb/wp-admin/index.phpPaper Colors & Counting

With approximately 150 different colors spanning a range of both traditional and unique paper finishes including linen, metallic, and translucent, consider our huge color palette when seeking paper for your creative project.

Available in Convenient Sizes

From standard 8 1/2 x 11 size up to full size parent sheets, our specialty paper is available in the most popular and cost-effective sizes like 11 x 17, 12 x 12, and 13 x 20. Best of all, our paper is in stock and ready to ship today!

paper tested for laser & inkjet printing

Printing at Home? Each Sheet Has Been Laser & Inkjet Tested

Most of our specialty papers can be printed at home on common consumer grade inkjet and/or laser printers by HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, and other manufacturers. We have test printed all the papers on our specific laser and inkjet printers so that we can provide you with our recommendations.

More Than 15 of the Finest Paper Brands From Around the World

When selecting paper brands, we look for uniqueness in terms of construction, colors and finish. We strive to work with mills that have a reputation for quality and environmental soundness. A recognizable and popular brand name is also a strong consideration. We feature a diverse paper lineup highlighted by Stardream, Savanna, Becket Cambric Linen, Vice Versa, Pop-Tone, Aspire Petallics, our exclusive Old World brand, and our LCI Paper brand of traditional papers, to name just a handful of available lines.

metallic finish paper

Discover Shimmering, Metallic Paper, Over 45 Colors

Some of today's most exciting papers are those with pearlescent, metallic finishes, and many can be laser printed at home. Whether you're using metallic paper as a brilliant backing card or you're printing directly on the paper, its mica-infused finish will make an impact. We offer popular color choices in these reputable metallic paper brands: Stardream, Aspire Petallics, and Reaction to name a few.

Looking for 100% Recycled Paper? Look No Further Than PC100

Manufactured in New Hampshire at the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the United States, PC100 paper has a smooth, bright white finish, but most importantly, it is paper manufactured with 100% Post Consumer Waste. In other words, it's constructed of only fibers that otherwise would have ended up as solid waste. If your environmental footprint is key to your next paper project, PC100 recycled paper is the green choice.

Gmund 100% Eco Sustainability

Choose Environmentally Friendly Paper from Gmund in Germany

No matter what Gmund paper brand you're interested in, you can shop confidently knowing that it is produced with Gmund's self-imposed green guidelines that address responsible and sustainable paper production. Located in the German village of Gmund, near Austria and the Bavarian Alps, the family owned mill displays their "100% Eco Sustainability" logo as an assurance of their environmental practices regarding water, waste, materials, and energy.

linen paper finishes

Classic Linen or a More Dramatic Texture?

Beckett Cambric Linen, with its subtle linen finish, is the obvious choice for those needing a traditional linen sheet in a bright Arctic White or a creamy Colonial White. For a bolder, less-traditional presentation with more color choices, consider the dramatic, texture embossed patterns of Gmund Vice Versa card stock or Japanese linen card stock. Or add the element of a metallic finish with Aspire Petallics Linen paper.

Traditional, Printable, Smooth White & Cream Paper

LCI Radiant White and Ecru cream papers are the popular choice for traditional invitations and correspondence. Pair our smooth, uncoated, opaque paper to any other Radiant White or Ecru item for a perfect color match.

translucent vellum paper

The Versatility & Elegance of Translucent Papers

Translucent Vellum paper can add drama and elegance to your invitation. By adding a Vellum layer or wrap over a printed invitation, you'll achieve the look of text behind frosted glass. Or print your wording directly onto the Vellum and layer or wrap over a blank card, allowing the color of the card to be partially revealed. A wide selection of Translucent Vellum colors and brands is available.

Large Selection of Imported Japanese Paper

The age old traditions of using renewable plant fibers, respecting pristine water sources and making sure nothing goes to waste are still practiced by today's Japanese paper makers. A first-hand touch and feel of one of the 35+ Chiyogami patterns, Sukashi Vellum, Japanese Linen, or Decorative Tissue will prove how rewarding working with Japanese paper can be.

Savanna wood grain paper

Paper Featuring the Look of Real Wood

For the first time, experience woodgrain on card stock! Inspired by the African continent, the Savanna colors Tindalo, Bubinga, Limba, and Glowing Makassar feature an authentic looking wood embossed finish sure to bring attention to your presentation, announcement, invitation, or other creative project.