Place Cards - Wedding Reception Seating Arrangement
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Place Cards

Seating Arrangements for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Dinner Parties



Printable Place Cards

Printable Place Cards

Oh so convenient, computer printable place cards come four perforated, pre-scored cards to a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet and with a free print template. Select from a traditional color palette and several designs.

Blank Place Cards

Blank Place Cards

Our collection of colorful place cards is offered in a full rainbow of colors, in several finishes, several weights, and in two sizes - square or rectangular. Order blank and print or write at home, or let us print them for you!

Printable Flat Place Cards

Printable Flat Place Cards

Available in white and cream colors and in two finishes, these simple and versatile flat cards are great for place cards, favor tags, business cards, and more. Cards are laser and ink jet friendly and come with a free print template for your convenience.


FAQs - Place Cards

Ask Us A Question

How do I write or print on dark colored place cards?

Some of our place cards are very dark in color, such as Stardream Onyx (black), Lapis Lazuli (navy), and Bronze (brown). Because these cards are so dark in color, the words printed by a typical home printer will not show up, leaving many to wonder how to print or write their guests' names and table numbers on the cards. In these cases, metallic silver and gold calligraphy markers or gelly roll pens work well. The bright, light reflecting ink found in these markers is a bold contrast against dark place cards, making the writing really pop.

What information do I need on place cards?

Because we display some of our place cards with both a guest name and a table number, and some with just a guest name, customers commonly ask us how to properly word the place cards for their event. The answer to this question depends on the size of the event, and on personal preference.

Place cards are designed to inform your guests where they will be sitting during your event. For smaller, more intimate events such as birthday, anniversary, dinner parties, and even small weddings, you may have just a few tables set up for your guests' seating. In these cases, you may prefer to print just your guests' names on your place cards, and put them directly where the guest will be sitting. With only a handful of place settings to browse through, guests will have no trouble finding their name amongst the table or tables you have arranged.

However, if you are having a large, formal event, one with fifty guests or more, you will most likely have multiple numbered tables that correspond to a seating chart you have prepared. For these events, it is typically easier for both you and your guests to have place cards with both names and table numbers. This way, you can nicely arrange all of place cards near the entryway; guests can walk in, find their name, find the corresponding table number, and seat themselves with no confusion. You certainly do not want your guests to have to search table after table for their name.

Does LCI offer wedding place card printing?

We do offer place card printing. To order printed place cards, just select the order printed tab on the place card you would like to order, send us your guests' names and table numbers, then let us do the rest! Printing is sharp and professional, and most importantly, fast!

Place Cards - Distinctive Call Outs

Array of printable blank place cards.

Style is Personalized

Place cards are a simple, perfect finishing touch to your wedding or special event. They conveniently greet and direct your guests to their places and add elegance, color, and distinction to every table.

A Perfect Card For Every Place

Select from over 60 colors with unlimited opportunities to customize with various finishes and textures. Pick a theme, get edgy with some bright deckling, or choose a tactile element, such as embossing or woodgrain.

To Print

Get ready to print! For your inkjet and laser home printer, we have printable place cards that can be quickly and beautifully created at your convenience. Select from blank or embossed styles, and cards with decorative embellishments, too. We provide electronic templates for quick, no-stress printing.

Place cards handwritten with white gel pen.

. . . or Not To Print

For the personal touch of script, we offer cards that offer the elegant backdrop that really makes your guests' names stand out. Please consult us for recommendations on the best ink colors to go with the paper you choose.

Make Arrangements Simple

Great quality papers, quick shipment, and ready service. We're here to help make your event go smoothly.


How To Print Place Cards - DIY Made Easy: Print Place Cards at Home in Only 5 Steps

Printing your own place cards from home is a breeze. Below you will find two comprehensive tutorials that outline the entire process of personalizing and printing your place cards from start to finish. Creating your own table cards has never been so easy. For extra flair consider embellishing your place cards with bows or ribbon!

Tutorial 1: How to Print Your Own 4-Up Place Cards

Tutorial 2: How to Print Personalized Pre-Cut Place Cards

If you would rather speed things up a bit, we offer a selection of 4-up place cards pre-scored and pre-perforated on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock for maximum ease.

With a selection of over 80 precut place cards, we guarantee you will find the perfect match for your occasion.

We want you to spend your time creating an elegant table card that truly embodies the theme of your event. Both tutorials can be found below.

How to Print Pre-Cut Place Cards

Blank place cards made elegant & beautiful are just minutes away with our free templates and this step by step guide. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the Word document, set a custom document size for printing, as well as print your beautiful place cards!

Free Downloadable Print Templates

Step 1 - Download the free printing template

Download the free printing template provided on our web site appropriate for your product. The downloaded file will contain the template itself as well as a few additional helpful files to make your DIY project as easy as possible. This printing template is also available on each Place Card product page.


Open Template in Microsoft Word or another word processor that reads DOC format.

Step 2 - Open the template file in Microsoft Word

Open the template file in Microsoft Word or with another word processor that reads the DOC format.

  • The template is formatted to the dimensions of the flat place card (4.5 x 5 inches
  • Margins are set to .5 inches all around except for the top.
  • The top margin is set to 3.25 inches to accomodate for the back side of the card which you will not be printing on.

Once folded, its finished size will be 4.5 x 2.5 inches. You'll have a better idea once you see the printed place card.




Adjust Printer's Guide Flush Against Paper

Step 3 - Enter your guests names and table numbers

Change the sample place card wording so that it's relevant to your event. Type the name and table number for one of your guests. Consider Changing the font face and size. Perhaps you'll choose text to match that of your invitation.

We've set up our template and we're almost ready to print.

We suggest cutting a plain piece of paper down to the dimensions of the place card and use it as a printing test. Load the test sheet into the printer and adjust the printer's plastic guide to rest flush against the paper.

Step 4 - Time To Print!

Before printing, we need to set the custom document size of our place card. Otherwise, the printer assumes we are printing on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet instead of a place card.

Printing On a PC

Printing On a MAC

  1. Go to File/Print and choose your printer.
  2. Click the Properties button to access the printer driver.
  3. Print Driver Information
  4. Find the area for paper size.
  5. Enter a custom value using the dimensions of our unfolded place card - 4.5in wide by 5in high.
  6. Print Driver Information
  7. Accept the changes and hit OK. You'll find yourself back at the print dialog box.
  8. Hit OK once more and print your test sheet. Only the bottom half of the test sheet will be printed.
  1. Go to File/Print and choose your printer.
  2. Click the Page Setup button to access the printer driver.
  3. Under Paper Size, scroll to the bottom and select Manage Custom Sizes.
  4. Print Driver Information
  5. Click the [+], Click 'Untitled' and name your new custom paper size '4.5 x 5'
  6. Custom Paper Size Settings
  7. Next to Paper Size, enter the custom dimensions of our unfolded place card-4.5in width by 5in height and hit OK. You'll find yourself back at the Page Setup dialog box.
  8. Hit OK once more to return to the Print dialog box.
  9. Finally, press Print and print your test sheet. Only the bottom half of the test sheet will be printed.
Completed Place Card

Step 5 - Fold and Finish

Fold the sheet in half as you would fold a place card. The front panel printing should be vertically and horizontally aligned.

Like What You See?

Once you've settled on the look of your place card, you should save the template to your Documents folder. At your convenience, you can go back to your customized template and finish typing the rest of your names and table numbers.


Print Individual Single Cut Cards

Lets Print the Rest!

You can load your place cards into your printer and print the cards one by one, changing the template wording to show a different name and table number for every card, or you can set up a mail merge. A mail merge requires some extra setup time so we'll leave that lesson for another article.





Congratulations! You've learned how to print professional looking place cards using LCI Paper's free template and your printer.


Learn How to Print Your Own 4-Up Place Cards

4-Up Place Card template screen shot


The easiest way to print your own place cards is by ordering our 4-Up Computer Printable Place Cards and downloading our free Word printing template. All you have to do is type in your guests' names and table numbers and click print! Because these come on a standard size 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet, you dont have to mess with any printer settings and you can print with any home inkjet or laser printer! Here's how:


Step 1 - Download Our 4-Up Place Card Printing Template

The downloaded file will contain the template itself as well as a few additional helpful files to make your DIY project as easy as possible. This printing template is also available on each Place Card product page.

Step 2 - Open the file 4Up-Place-Cards.doc in Microsoft Word

This file is located inside your ZIP file download. When you open it, you will see a document with four names and table numbers.

Place Card template with updated font

Step 3 - Enter your guests names and table numbers

Replace the sample names and table numbers with the information for your guests. If you like, you can change your fonts and font sizes, add graphics, and be as creative as you like.

4-Up Place Card print screen Word 2010


Step 4 - Print your personalized place cards

Click File > Print. Because these sheets measure 8 1/2 x 11 inches--the same size as plain copy paper--you won't need to change any settings. Print one 4-Up sheet and make sure you're happy with the results.

You can print a test on a sheet of copy paper, then hold it up in front of the 4-Up sheet to make sure everything is lined up to your preference.

Continue to work with your Word template, replacing names and table numbers with another set of four guests, printing that sheet, and repeating.

Step 5 - Fold and tear to complete your place cards

1) Fold and remove outer edges:

2) Separate by folding and tearing:

3) Finally, fold along the score line:

Tear away the sides of the 4-Up Place Card Tear the left section away from the right section Fold each place card along the score line
If you would like to learn more about printing all of your place cards at once read more: Print 4Up Place Cards with Microsoft Word Mail Merge!