colorful array of metallic portrait pocketfolds

Sleek, Vertical Opening Style. They're Long . . .

Sleek and stylish, portrait pocketfolds open in a unique fashion - vertically.

. . . They're Lean. So Much Space, So Neatly Wrapped Up.

Long & lean in design, unwrap a portrait pocketfold to reveal two spacious panels and an angled pocket. This is enough space to neatly organize - and quite stylishly present - an entire invitation suite! Adhere an invitation card to the center panel, and use the angled pocket to place reception, direction, and response cards; menus; photos; registry cards - anything your heart desires! Who would have thought all of this could fit so nicely inside of one little 5x7 wrap?

Vivid, Shimmering Color Spectrum - Quite Literally Brilliant.

Choose from a large, vivid, color spectrum - crisp whites that mimic the sparkle of a fresh snowfall, bold blacks reminiscent of the starry night sky, and a rainbow of colors in between, we have a pocketfold to complement your design. Featuring a light-reflecting, mica-infused metallic finish on all sides, portrait pocketfolds are simply brilliant, simply stunning, no matter which way you turn them!

examples of horizontally and vertically aligned pocketfold designs

Fill Them This Way. . .

You may choose to orient your pocketfold design vertically. . .

. . . Or That! Your DIY Design, Your Choice.

. . . or horizontally. The choice is up to you and your imagination. Oh, the beauty of DIY!