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Pocket Cards & Invitations

Pocket Cards & Invitations

Envelopes & DIY Supplies

Shop 5x7 Posh Pockets

Invitation pockets and wraps are all the rage, and we see why! Invitation pockets are a modern and stylish way to organize and present your invitation ensemble; and made with colorful, high end, heavyweight card stock, they look great too! To enclose your unique invitation design, we offer pockets and wraps in dozens of trendy colors, finishes, styles, and sizes - each with matching papers and envelopes to complement and complete your design. What's more, we also offer guidance, advice, and design ideas on pocket invitation assembly, so you're sure to create invitations that impress!


Pocket Invitations

Pocket Invitations

Shop our collection of invitation pockets by size, style, color, and finish to find one that suits your style. Choose from dozens of premium pockets in every color of the rainbow and all of the hottest textures and finishes - each with matching card stock and envelopes.

Pochette Petal Folds

Pochette Petal Folds

Wrap up your invitation ensemble in style with a petal fold pochette. We offer pochettes in dozens of colors, in several finishes, and in square and rectangular sizes to complement your unique project. Pair with matching papers and envelopes for a cohesive look.

Pocket Invitation Tutorials

Pocket Invitation Tutorials

Here, find all the tools you need to customize and design your own trendy invitation pockets. We provide you with the design idea, materials list, printing templates, and instructions. you provide the creativity and your own personal spin!

Pocket Cards

Pocket Cards

Just a card with a pocket on the back, 5 x 7 pocket cards are simple, sleek, and offered in all sorts of colors to pair with your invitation design. Adhere an invitation card to the front and fill the back with additional information for a stylish, organized look.

Gate Folds

Gate Folds

A simple invitation wrap, gate folds have two panels that fold in towards your invitation card. Choose from two sizes, several finishes, and a full spectrum of bright and bold colors to enclose your invitation.


FAQs - Pocket Cards & Invitations

Ask us a question

Do your pockets require assembly or do they come glued?

All of our pockets are pre-assembled by us, meaning the the fold or pouch section of the pockets are all glued in position. Besides designing and creating your invitation look there is no assembly required.

Is there an easy way to compare all your pockets?

At LCI Paper we understand that ordering online is not always easy and it is sometime best to see and feel the paper before ordering. Since we offer different sizes, textures and finishes, items such as invitation pockets can be especially confusing. For instance, what if you wanted a black pocket, however you were not certain about the size and color. LCI offers black pockets in 3 sizes and several brands and paper finishes, which is great, but how do you decide? To help with the selection process we put together an easy to use DIY-Pocket Invitation Sample Kit for order. And best of all it ships free!

Do I need to use envelopes when mailing Pockets?

Even though the pocket has a top flap, it is not considered an envelope. The sides are uncovered and exposed to potential damage from the high speed machinery at the Post Office. We recommend that whenever you send pocket invitations through the mail, you place them in an outer envelope for protection.

Should double envelopes be used with pocket invitations?

In most instances double wedding envelopes are used for traditional wedding invitation ensembles. Pocket card invitations are more contemporary in style that would be better suited for a single outer mailing envelope.

Are your invitation pockets self sealing?

The flaps on our invitation pockets do not seal on their own. Some suggestions for decoratively holding your pockets' flaps down are:

Making Wedding Invitations? Think Pockets!

Array of invitation pockets

Pocket Invitations for Weddings? Yes Please!

Pocket invitations are an increasingly popular wedding style, and for good reason - they're modern; they're stylish; they're versatile, and they offer an attractive way of organizing a wedding invitation ensemble. Invitation pockets with folds are all the rage, and given this growing trend, it comes as no surprise that one of the most common questions we get at LCI Paper is:

How do I make my own pocket wedding invitations?

There is no cut and dry answer to this commonly asked question - the answer is as broad as our customers' range of personal tastes and creative abilities. Where some folks prefer invitations that are simple in design and quick in assembly, some prefer custom, intricate detail - and don't forget the spectrum of folks between.

However, in order to assist all of our creative customers in making their own unique pocket invites - no matter where they fall on the spectrum - LCI offers materials, design inspiration, and detailed instructions for every step of the way. Whether you are looking for something as simple as quick tips or design ideas, or something as detailed as a step-by-step tutorial, LCI has your DIY needs covered.

Array of square invitation pockets in a variety of colors and finishes

How About The Pocket Envelopes & Other Supplies?

If you are looking for a great selection of card-making supplies for your pockets, rest assured, you have come to the right place! For consistent invitation ensembles, choose from our extensive variety of matching pocket envelopes, specialty papers and decorative accessories.