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Pochette Petal Folds

Pochette Petal Folds


Can Pochettes Be Printed with a Home Printer?

In this video we answer a question from Shelby in Arkansas.

Shelby says:

I want to print a floral pattern on the outside of my pochette envelopes. Can I just run them through my printer, or will they get stuck?

This is a very common question to which the answer is no, and in fact, petal fold pochettes are not really suited for printing in general.

Find out why this is so, and some alternative ways to incorporate designs or patterns on the outside of your pochette in this post and video.


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Pochettes - Enfold Your Invitations in Style

array of petal fold pochettes with invitation cards inside

Invite Anticipation

Eye-catching and elegant, pochettes offer color and contemporary style with their fascinating petal wrap design.

Unfold the Possibilities

Select your pochette envelopes from an array of over 30 colors by great brands such as Aspire Petallics and Stardream. Dozens of colors, metallic finishes and vellum options ensure you'll find the perfect color match for your wedding, gala or special event.

translucent vellum and smooth matte finish pochettes in square and rectangular sizes

Unwrap Your Invite

The clever petal fold design can add elegance or a touch of the whimsical, or build a sense of intrigue for your recipients. The edges interlock and unfold to present your invitation attractively. One petal at a time, the unwrapping is like opening a gift, and you'll have the full attention of your guests.

Take Measure

Available in two sizes, discover the look that captivates best, either in a 6 3/8" square or 5" x 7" rectangle.

To Seal or Not to Seal

The convenience of the design offers the ability to merely fold clockwise and secure the invitation before you enclose it in an envelope, but you may also add a sticker or personalized monogram seal or enhance with an elegant satin or chiffon ribbon closure for your own customized look.


Pochette Invitations - Sizing the Invitation Cards and Mailing Envelopes

You love the petal fold look of LCI Paper's pochette invitations, but you're not sure how to choose the correct invitation cards and mailing envelopes to complete your ensemble. Today, you'll learn about pochette invitation sizing.
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FAQs - Petal Folds & Pochettes

Ask us a question

What size pochette do I need for my invitations?

We offer pochettes in two sizes:

  • 5x7 Pochettes: Accommodate cards 4 7/8 x 6 7/8 or smaller
  • 6 3/8 Square Pochettes: Accommodate cards 6 1/4 square or smaller

Are there different ways to fold a Petal Pochette?

People have used different methods to fold our pochettes. We created a great video on the most common ways to fold petal fold pochettes.

Can I order translucent paper to fit inside the Pochettes?

This great customer question is answered by our staff in a video titled Want to use Vellum Paper with a Pochette invitation?

Will the post office accept the pochette as is, without being placed inside another mailing envelope?

All post office jurisdictions are different - some will accept pochettes without envelopes, some will not. However, we recommend using an envelope, as the exposed flaps on pochettes have a chance of being caught up and torn during the mailing process.

Can Petal Fold Pochettes Be Printed with a Home Printer?

The quick answer is no, to learn more and get ideas on how to embellish your pochette please watch our video Can Petal Fold Pochettes Be Printed with a Home Printer?