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Pochettes, or petal folds, as they are commonly referred to, feature 4 round petals that wrap around a card or cards and interlock like the petals of a flower for a stylish, organized invitation presentation.

  • Two sizes - 6 3/8 square & 5 x 7
  • Made with premium, heavyweight card stocks - spanning several brands
  • Several finishes - matte, metallic, translucent
  • Full rainbow of colors

Pochettes are great for invitations and announcements of all sorts - wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, anniversary, party, birth announcement, and the list goes on! Pair with matching card stocks to create your unique design, and mail off in a matching mailing envelope for best results.


Pochettes - Enfold Your Invitations in Style

array of petal fold pochettes with invitation cards inside

Invite Anticipation

Eye-catching and elegant, pochettes offer color and contemporary style with their fascinating petal wrap design.

Unfold the Possibilities

Select your pochette envelopes from an array of over 30 colors by great brands such as Aspire Petallics and Stardream. Dozens of colors, metallic finishes and vellum options ensure you'll find the perfect color match for your wedding, gala or special event.

translucent vellum and smooth matte finish pochettes in square and rectangular sizes

Unwrap Your Invite

The clever petal fold design can add elegance or a touch of the whimsical, or build a sense of intrigue for your recipients. The edges interlock and unfold to present your invitation attractively. One petal at a time, the unwrapping is like opening a gift, and you'll have the full attention of your guests.

Take Measure

Available in two sizes, discover the look that captivates best, either in a 6 3/8" square or 5" x 7" rectangle.

To Seal or Not to Seal

The convenience of the design offers the ability to merely fold clockwise and secure the invitation before you enclose it in an envelope, but you may also add a sticker or personalized monogram seal or enhance with an elegant satin or chiffon ribbon closure for your own customized look.


Metallic Petal Fold Pochettes - Wrap Your Invitations in Eye-Catching Style

array of metallic finish petal fold pochettes.

Metallic Pochettes - They're Snazzy; They're Stylish; They'll Make You Wonder What's Inside.

Featuring a striking pearlescent finish and a modern petal wrap design, metallic pochettes create eye-catching and intriguing invitations. When your guests receive a stylish and glimmering metallic pochette in the mail, they will certainly be eager to see what's inside, and even more eager to attend your big event!

Two Sizes, Dozens of Shimmering Colors, Endless Design Possibilities.

Oh so many choices! Metallic pochettes are available in a square and rectangular sizes and in a multitude of vibrant and shimmering colors to complement your design - whatever it may be.

Open Stardream Azalea metallic pochette envelope to reveal invitation card.

Pochettes Wrap Up Like the Petals of a Flower . . .

Call it elegant; call it fun; call it just plain cool - four petal folds wrap up to interlock around your invitation card like the petals of a flower. . .

. . . and Unwrap to Unveil an Invitation Inside - It's Like Opening a Present!

. . . and unwrap, one shimmering petal at a time, to unveil the invitation ensemble inside. Your guests will feel like they are opening up a present! Perhaps you would like to add to the effect by tying some ribbon around the outside.


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