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Personalized Napkins


FAQs - Personalized Napkins

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Do I Have to Have Both a Name and a Date Printed on My Napkins?

You can choose to have a name, date, and motif on your napkins, or to eliminate any of those factors if you wish. If you are placing a napkin order with a detail eliminated, please make a note that this field was intentionally left blank when you place your order.

Can I Order Just 50 Napkins?

A minimum of 100 napkins (of each size) must be ordered first, then you can order subsequent packs of 50.

Can I Order a Napkin Sample to See Color & Print Quality Before Purchase?

Although we do not print napkin samples with your specific details on them, we would be happy to send you a sample of a napkin to show you color and quality. To request a napkin sample, get in touch with customer service and we will send you one a.s.a.p.

Will I Receive a Proof of My Printed Napkins?

We do not send proofs of printed napkins. However, we will ensure that your napkins will look great! Text and motifs will be properly proportioned and positioned and in addition, if something doesn't look quite right to us, we will contact you immediately to verify or correct the detail in question.

Can I Get a Custom Design Printed on My Napkins?

If you have custom artwork that you want printed on your napkins, get in touch with us. In most cases we can do this for you and would be happy to discuss the details of your custom napkin job further.

What Does Select Foil Mean?

Foil is the print color for the lettering and design. Our napkins are printed using hot foil stamping instead of printed with ink. Printing with foil is a more involved and expensive process than printing with ink, but we think it is worth it. Foil imprinting creates a vibrant contrast to the matte napkins. With all the color foils offered we make it easy to customize the napkins to your taste.

Can I print my own wedding napkins with a home copier?

Since the napkins are not made for this type of equipment, we do not believe this is a viable solution. Specialty foil & printing equipment is designed specifically for imprinting napkins.