What Sets Curious Metallics Apart From Other Metallic Papers?

June 12, 2012 By: Larry Chase

Like most metallic papers, Curious Metallics features a mineral pigment infused coating, giving it a glimmering, pearlescent sheen. What sets Curious apart from other metallics, however, is its slightly roughened, toothy texture - one that gives it a highly absorbent, highly unique printing surface.


Best Inkjet Printer for Metallic Cardstock Paper

October 3, 2011 By: Larry Chase

Great Advice When You Want To Print Metallic Paper & Card Stock

With metallic paper rising in popularity and with paper mills adding improved inkjet printability, people are asking what type of printer they should buy or use to print on this captivating paper stock. We take a look at some characteristics of inkjet and laser printers that distinguish them as better or worse at printing metallic paper. We tested 5 printers and show you the results.


Can I Print on Black Metallic Cardstock?

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August 24, 2011 By: Larry Chase
Shannon was interested in our black metallic cardstock for designing her own wedding invitations. She asked: I really like your black metallic cardstock, and would like to use it for my wedding invitation, however I was wondering if I can print on it?

New Aspire Petallics Papers with Improved Ink Jet Compatibility

March 30, 2011 By: Kristen

LCI Paper is now carrying four new colors of Aspire Petallics metallic specialty paper with improved ink jet printer compatibility. In general, metallic specialty papers are not recommended for ink jet printers, as wet ink has trouble adhering to the non-porous surface of these papers. In this video, we put the ink jet printability of new Petallics to the test on two of our in-house large format ink jet printers - a Canon Pixma iX7000 and an Epson R1900. Watch this video to see the results!


I want to print metallic specialty paper. Should I use an inkjet or laser printer?

September 16, 2010 By: Larry Chase
If you have the option, the dry toner printing technology of a laser printer is preferable to the wet ink printing technology of an inkjet printer. The dry toner better adheres to the metallic paper surface than the wet ink. In this video, we'll talk about both printing options, report to you about our test findings, and give you our thoughts on which printer is best in most cases.