Add Which Envelopes To Use For Pockets

November 22, 2013 By: Larry Chase
I wish when looking at pockets that it said which envelopes to use, I would see it on one color but not on them all. – by Jessica We agree, it is best to make purchasing coordinating products as easy …

5 x 7 Pochettes in Stardream Azalea

June 30, 2012 By: Larry Chase

I was hoping to find the Stardream Azalea in the 5 x 7 pochette, but you only have it in square. Why don't you offer it and is this something that can be made?


Request for Lighter Paper Sample Packs, Not Card Stock

November 8, 2011 By: Larry Chase
A customer points out that most of our paper samplers include cover stock samples, not text weight sheets. As he is interested in testing the paper for origami folding projects, cover stock isn't useful.

You should take photographs of the actual products

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October 26, 2011 By: Larry Chase
It's very difficult to discern the true color on a computer screen. I laughed hysterically though when I clicked "view larger" on the color selection and just got a large box with that same color!

Want LCI Paper Invitation Kits In Smaller Pack Counts

July 13, 2011 By: Larry Chase
I wish you had an option to order smaller increments for some of your kits. I made some printing mistakes in the beginning and wish I had the option to purchase 5 or 10 more.

Lined Envelopes to match Gmund Royal Blue Card Stock

July 5, 2011 By: Larry Chase
I wish there were lined envelopes to match the gmund Royal Blue cards, or that there were invitation cards to match the dark blue lined envelopes. There are lots of good matches, just not in the area of printable navy …

Paper especially well suited for Letterpress work

Do you have or are you contemplating selling any stock that would be especially well suited for letter press work? (along the lines of Crane's Lettera)?

Invitation dimensions should be easier to find

June 27, 2011 By: Larry Chase
Dimentsions on invitations need to be easier to find – by Pat H.

Paper for DIY door hangers and fan invitations

June 15, 2011 By: Larry Chase
I would like to see paper for DIY door hangers, fan invitations (weddings, etc). Рby Natasha S.