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Printed, Blank Envelopes - 100's Of Colors - Paper & Card Envelopes For Invitations

Shop colorful matte finish invitation envelopes

Looking for statement making invitation envelopes? Want to send your correspondence in style? You've come to the right place! We offer hundreds of premium invitation envelopes in sizes, colors, textures, finishes, and flap styles galore. No matter your budget, no matter your color scheme, whether you need invitation envelopes for a personal or corporate event, casual or formal, we have you covered. Best of all, our envelopes are available blank or with printed addresses and are in stock, ready to ship same day.


Square Envelopes

Square Envelopes

Square envelopes are modern, stylish, and all the rage for contemporary cards and invitations. Here, you'll find square invitation envelopes in sizes large and small and in colors and finishes galore.

Wedding Envelopes

Wedding Envelopes

Mail your invitations in style with our premium wedding envelopes. Choose from an extensive collection of traditional double wedding envelopes, inner envelopes, and colorful response envelopes to complement your design.

Lined Envelopes

Lined Envelopes

Dress up and complement your card or invitation with a colorful lined envelope. Here, you'll find dozens of premium lined invitation envelopes in every color of the rainbow and in sizes and shapes galore. Choose from metallic, matte, and pearlescent paper liners.

Custom Order Envelopes

Custom Order Envelopes

Envelopes made just for you! Order envelopes in economical bulk packs of 500, and we will whip them up and send them on their way! Choose from hundreds of top papers, sizes, and formats.

Old World Envelopes

Old World Envelopes

Featuring a flap that is not quite baronial, European, or square, but a cross of all three, Old World invitation envelopes are unique and elegant and ideal for upscale invitations. Choose from several sizes, finishes, and colors.


FAQs - Envelopes

Ask Us A Question

What is your heaviest invitation envelope?

All of our envelopes are wedding quality, but if you want an extra heavy, or extra wedding thick invitation envelope, we recommend going with a lined envelope or an Old World envelope.

Our lined envelopes are made with premium quality 70 pound text paper and have the added thickness of the liner paper. Our Old World envelopes are made with 80 to 90 pound text paper - very substantial and have the bonus of a stylish, one of a kind flap!

Do you offer wedding envelope printing and addressing?

We do, and not just for weddings! We offer full printing and addressing services on all of our invitation envelopes large and small. For more information, please view the following: Addressed Envelopes Printed in 24 Hours

What is the difference between single, double, and double lined envelopes?

You can compliment many of our printable wedding invitations, with your choice of 3 different wedding envelope styles. This is a choice dependent upon wedding tradition and personal preference. However, if you are not familiar with these three envelope styles, the choice of which envelope to select may be confusing. So what is the difference between invitation envelopes?

Single Envelopes

Just as the name implies, a single envelope is one outer mailing envelope that houses your invitation. The envelope has a gum seal so that after you place your invitation inside, you can simply moisten the seal, stamp, and mail.

Double Wedding Envelopes

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is what is a double envelope?

Simply put, a double wedding envelope is a set of two envelopes, an inner envelope that houses the invitation, response card items, etc., and an outer envelope that houses the inner envelope and all of its components.

  • Outer Envelope - has a gum seal for mailing purposes and is slightly larger than the inner envelope
  • Inner Envelope - is slightly smaller and has no gum seal, and is traditionally left unsealed for guests' courtesy.

Based on very old wedding tradition, the outer envelope is designed to protect the inner envelope from the rigors of mailing. The outer envelope may get marked up in the mail, but the inner envelope remains in great shape for guests to view.

Double Wedding Envelopes With or Without Lining

You can order Double Wedding Envelopes with or without an envelope liner. Double envelopes without lining are referred to as Double Unlined Envelopes. Double envelopes in which the inner envelope is lined are termed Double Lined Envelopes.

What size invite envelope do I need?

In general, you need an envelope that is 1/4 inch larger than your invitation card. For detailed information on invitation envelope sizing, please view the following: How to Find the Right Size Invitation Envelope

Do you offer bulk or wholesale invitation envelopes?

Yes! If you are hosting a big corporate or personal event, check out our bulk invitation envelopes. We have a massive selection of high style, high quality envelopes at wholesale prices!

Can I use address labels on your envelopes?

If you choose not to use our envelope printing service, are not up for the task of printing your own, or you happen to be using an envelope that is too dark to print; address labels can be the perfect choice! However, we strongly suggest your thoroughly test and mail out a sample invitation to yourself. Specialty envelopes, like our metallic envelopes can be a little finicky with labels because of their coated surface. If you find yourself purchasing labels, make sure they have a permanent adhesive and are not re-stickable or repositionable, as they could fall off. If you do find that your labels are falling off, we suggest adding a drop or two of glue to the back of each label. It may sound like a lot of extra work, but you wont be left wondering whether or not all your guests received an invitation.

Invitation Envelopes for a Great Impression

variety of invitation envelopes

Invitation Envelopes for Weddings, Parties, Galas - Any Event!

Need a premium, impression-making invite envelope for your upcoming event? Whether you are hosting a wedding, shower, party, gala, or important event, you have come to the right place! We have colored, metallic, translucent and lined envelopes in sizes and styles galore! Contemporary and traditional, muted or bold, large or small, you can find it in our extensive collection!

Easy (and oh so Convenient) to Order

Shop envelopes by color, brand, or size and you'll find just what you need is only a click away! We categorize our extensive inventory so you can efficiently and easily discover the best style of envelope for your occasion - any time of the day, any day of the week. How great is that?

colorful array of envelopes

A Colorful Envelope to Match any Invitation

We aim for variety; that's why we carry envelopes in over 125 shades. We also aim to please, and we want to be sure that your special invitations - whatever they are for - reflect the tone and color scheme of your celebration. From pearlescent and matte finishes, metallic highlights and lined inners, the opportunities to combine color are endless!

Standard (and Not so Standard) Invitation Envelope Sizes

From standard A7s and A9s, to hard-to-find in-between sizes, we've got one of the best selections of envelopes around, so begin your project here.

LCI Paper envelopes packaged in shrink wrap

Premium Quality You Can See and Feel

Our envelopes have the finish and premium weight that silently alludes to their quality. Whether it's a formal wedding envelope or casual party invitation envelope, even before your guests open it up, they'll appreciate the value in hand.

Service is Golden

Our reputation for offering some of the finest quality papers in the industry is supported by our people. Any time you have a question, we're here to help. Best of all, you can expect accurate order processing and incredibly fast shipping. If you're unsure of the size or type of envelope for your invitations, then let us know and we'll take out the guesswork and ensure you're satisfied!