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Printable Wedding Invitations

Printable Wedding Invitations

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FAQs - Printable Wedding Invitations

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What are Printable Invitations?

When we term our invitations or other stationery "printable", it simply means that they are blank, and are designed to be printed at home or taken to a printer. To make our invitations convenient for you to print at home, all of our items have free Word printing templates and instructions available for download right on the product page.

Is it helpful to use invitation software to print my own invitations?

If you are planning on printing your own invitations you will need to use some type of invitation, page layout, or word processing software. You can choose from more general word processing packages such as Microsoft Word or select a software package designed specifically for printing invitations.

Do the card stocks on layered wedding invitation kits come pre glued?

No, each of the components (card stocks & vellums) of our layered invitation kits arrive to you unattached. Our website shows the assembled invitations to help our visitors get a feel for the look they can create.

What adhesive will you use to adhere the layers? Whether you want to use something as commonly available as a school glue is up to you. Or you can browse our selection of specialty adhesives that may give your invitation a more professional appearance.

Although we show some layered kits with decorative clips or adhesive bows, usually these are only suggestions. Please feel free to customize the invitations in any method that you desire.

Hi I was just wondering if the seashell invitations allow for printing on both sides? I am looking for seashell programs but I couldn't find any. I would like to use this invitation as a program, but was not sure how well it would work.

- by Gabriella E.

This invitation is not truly conducive for 2 sided printing. This is a heavy, thick, foil & embossed card, which means the embossed border design has created a raised paper look that leaves impressions on the paper both front and back. For this reason this would not be a good choice for 2 sided printing. We do however offer a couple other cards that may be appropriate for your programs. Consider our tri-fold Elegant Shells Wedding program. This paper not only has plenty of room but it's format allows you to print all your wording in one pass.

- by LCI Paper