Vellum is a beautiful paper that adds elegance and a sense of intrigue to traditional invitations. Sadly, a lot of people ruin their vellum invitations by using adhesive to adhere it to their invitation cards. Although it is possible to use adhesive with vellum, there is a lot of room for error. When used in excess, or if placed in the wrong areas, glues and double sided tape may be visible through the vellum, which is never a good look. Why risk this problem when there are many ways to secure vellum to your invitations without using adhesive?

Decorative Clips

Decorative spiral clips are the easiest, most convenient way to secure a vellum layer to an invitation. To use a decorative clip, simply slide the clip over all layers of the invitation as shown below. Available in heart and spiral shapes; and in red, silver, gold, and black, choose a clip to complement your invitation style.

vellum adhered with gold spiral clip

Metal Brads

Invitation brads are another way to decoratively adhere a vellum layer. Similar to how the clip was used above, hold all of the invitation layers together using just the brad; no glue necessary. To do this, simply use a micro round punch to start a hole for the brad post, then insert the post through all of the invitation layers, securing it in the back.

vellum adhered with metal brad

Invitation Bands

Wrapped around an invitation horizontally, invitation bands are an elegant way of holding vellum in place. Unwrapping a band to reveal your invitation is almost like unwrapping a present, and creates a sense of excitement in your guests. The invitations below are simple combinations of backing cards and printable vellum layers, all wrapped up with invitation bands. To hold the band together in the back, use a small dot of adhesive, or a small piece of double sided tape.

vellum adhered with chiyogami band


There are two ways to use ribbon to adhere vellum. The first option is to tie it around all of your layers, as you did with the invitation band. Another is to tie your layers together, as shown below. Use a ribbon stitch punch to punch a hole through the vellum and accompanying layers, run ribbon through it, then tie it into a decorative knot or bow. Tie the ribbon in the center, or in one of the corners; whichever method you prefer.

vellum adhered with black satin ribbon

Use a self adhesive bow

There is strong double sided-tape on the back of self-adhesive bows, making it quick and easy to adhere them to invitation cards. Self-adhesive bows are a convenient way to adhere a vellum overlay to a backing card. To do this, simply peel the paper cover off of the double-sided tape, and align the tape so that half of it sits on the vellum, and half sits on the backing card, as shown below.

adhere a vellum overlay with a self-stick-bow

The bow will remain firmly attached to both the backing card and the vellum, holding the vellum in place. It will also nicely decorate your card.

Please note that this method will only work for two layer invitations, as the double-sided tape is too small to firmly adhere to more than two layers.

simple vellum invitation with black satin bow