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Does the Thickness of 100lb Card Stock Meet the U.S.P.S Postcard Requirements?

What is the thickness of PC100 Astrolite 100lb card stock? Does it meet the United States Postal Service requirements for a postcard; between .007' and .016" thick?

- by Michele H.

Although the exact thickness of the paper is difficult to get a measurement on using standard tools, 100lb Astrolite does meet the U.S.P.S postcard requirements. It is only very lightweight and thin or extremely thick card stocks (card stocks we do not offer) that do not meet the requirements.

- by LCI Paper

Are A2 cards suitable for postcards?

Yes! Because our A2 cards meet the US Postal Service's requirements for First-Class Mail postcards, they are a great choice. At 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches, they are within the USPS minimum and maximum dimensions and within the minimum and maximum thickness. Since First-Class Mail postcard stamps are less expensive than letter stamps, you can enjoy the convenience of a postcard and save on postage!